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Red chute alien ship crashes in background

In the foreground on the TV screen was the current crisis with sick people being attended to then suddenly in the background appeared a spaceship streaking low across the partly cloudy day lit sky. It was briefly seen above the buildings behind the foreground scene, a classic flying saucer shape, before it began trailing smoke […]

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The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine says the LORD

There is a headlong rush beginning as masses of frightened people begin to hear that paper money shall soon be no more. There is a rush to buy silver and gold and other hard assets that are considered to be safe havens in difficult and uncertain times. Yet over and over again the LORD of […]

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The time of Hilkias

I saw in a dream a hand slide the pointer to the time of Hilkias. I awoke with “the time of Hilkias” on my mind. I know that in the KJV Isaiah is called Isaias…so Hilkias is Hilkiah. Hilkiah was a High priest and the father of Eliakim… Hurricane Isaias hits Florida 11 days after […]

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