Word shall prevail

Today's Mass Media are reporting that Australian PM Scott Morrison is pushing for action against online terrorism and so called propaganda. What they really mean by this Orwellian statement is the exact opposite! It seems that people are unable to think these days if they believe the narrative spun by these media outlets and so … Continue reading Word shall prevail

Which side of the cross are you on?

I was listening to a Scripture song today from the words of Peter. The words  disturbed my spirit greatly hence this posting. The song is a supposed Scripture song, thus it is pure Bible, yet the translators have twisted and perverted  the Gospel given us by the Lord Jesus through Paul the Apostle. Here is … Continue reading Which side of the cross are you on?

For WE are the circumcision

My brother Paul would not be popular in today's Christian churches....in fact he isn't popular. You see, Paul opposed those from his old camp at every turn and at every city he came to. Anyone advocating a return to law keeping in order to be justified was Paul's enemy. Have a look at what Paul … Continue reading For WE are the circumcision

I am a river going forth

The One dwelling in Jesus goes forth with Jesus as a mighty flowing river of Life. I am a river going forth filled with Life and goodness. I am a river flowing forth from the Throne of Heaven. Everywhere I go the river goes for the River and I are One. via GIPHY I dwell … Continue reading I am a river going forth

Yeshua our Passover

https://youtu.be/TgJ5QaeCTUw I put this video together tonight. This week J*w*sh people mourn the 9th of Av events which have happened throughout their history. Oh that eyes would be opened to see the One Who took the penalty for sin upon Himself that they may have Life. Zechariah 12:10  “Then I will pour out on the … Continue reading Yeshua our Passover


I am right, you are wrong!  Such a statement stirs people up one way or the other. It comes from the mind of the flesh which dwells inside of the lie that God knows good and evil. I am bad!! I am good!! Such self definitions also come out from the same lie spoken in … Continue reading I AM LIKE GOD

Kept for Salvation

We can tend to get a bit anxious when our eyes and minds tell us that there is nothing happening.The Lord is amazing how He teaches us isn't He? I was mulling over the questions "Why are we here? What is the Lord doing with us?" and what He revealed put my heart and mind … Continue reading Kept for Salvation