The marvel of Grace

After making God’s case against sin and sinners in the first three chapters of Romans, Paul begins to explain the marvelous, wonderful truth of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ and how it saves us. I myself am nothing and know nothing of these things other than the little glimpses I see. But … Continue reading The marvel of Grace

Not afraid

Many fear the Lord --and I do not mean reverential fear--I mean they are afraid of Him. Have you ever had a dog that feared you and would not come to you when you call? Picture from - . The caption for the picture above reads: - "That beautiful little dog, kept cowering like … Continue reading Not afraid

Fears within

fears within and pressure without- How to handle it?

Why all the bad if God is so good?

'If God is all powerful he cannot be all good and if he is all good he cannot be all powerful and neither can you

Permanent Peace

faith in Jesus gives us permanent abiding peace which may not be felt yet nevertheless it is real.

You are not the old man

The Old man that you were before coming to Jesus lived under the Law of God. The Law stirs up sin and the result is condemnation and death. That is why the Old man was crucified in Christ. That Old man can never serve God in the new covenant. The difference is like night and day.

To the pure all things are pure

We used to have a defiled heart, but now our heart is pure- it is a matter of faith.