Cast the border of your mantle over me

It seems that Father wants to thoroughly saturate our minds with the knowledge of His protection at this time of trial. I have been writing about this protection lately. His Pavilion, His tabernacle, under his wings, under his feathers, and His embrace. Again we want to encourage you that your Redeemer lives and He is … Continue reading Cast the border of your mantle over me

You are already clean

Washing semi-trucks and road trains is a part of my daily job and so many times when a truck returns from a trip the only thing that needs washing are the wheels. When a road train returns from a trip to Perth and back we make the decision about what needs cleaning by a quick … Continue reading You are already clean

Has the Holy Spirit fallen upon you yet

There are millions of believers today who are exactly like the Samaritan believers in Acts 8 who it is written that they had not yet received the Holy Spirit, for He had NOT YET FALLEN UPON THEM. This is not as it should be. If it is as it should be then Peter and John … Continue reading Has the Holy Spirit fallen upon you yet

The loving embrace of Father

I have a beautiful wonderful wife and four children that I love very much. Our children are adults now but that doesn’t stop me from hugging them in a loving embrace whenever we come together again. I was bigger in body than they were when they were young children and my hugs would swallow them … Continue reading The loving embrace of Father

We inherit all things

Who inherits? Who wins? Who shall reign? Who has God chosen? Why search and see and you shall find that all those who are in Christ Jesus inherit all things, whether they be Jew or Gentile. A simple Bible search for inherit the earth Psa_25:13  He himself shall dwell in prosperity, And his descendants shall … Continue reading We inherit all things