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The word ”WORLD” appears 203 times in the KJV. The Greek word “Aion” means age or eon, yet the translators used world. This has caused needless confusion!! Time has a beginning and an end, and is broken up into different ages or aeons. Eternity is not about time. The World is not going to end- THE […]

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Why don’t Christians believe God will save all people?

Why don’t Christians believe that God will save all people? There is not a simple answer to this question. I was not a believer in this wonderful reality until December 4th 2011, before that I believed that God would only succeed in saving a small percentage of people…those who choose His Son Jesus. The reason […]

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Choose wilderness or the church

In 1998 my wife and I returned from living in Israel for 6 months at the Mount Zion Fellowship which was founded by Sister Ruth Heflin and Irene Bredlow and some other sisters. We were there from June to December participating in the daily prayer meetings and serving in whatever way they wanted. On our […]

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