Dry bones come alive

I awoke with this song going around and around in my heart…. It comes to me at a time when my last child is leaving home to go live 300km away in the city as an unbeliever and as my wife and I are living together but separated in everything…and as we have to move … Continue reading Dry bones come alive

The just shall live by His faith

The days go by, the months and the years pass by quickly until we are aged and beginning to feel that way. Children grow up and leave and have their own children and…. We wonder where the dream God had planted in our hearts has gone. We wonder if we heard correctly. We battle doubts … Continue reading The just shall live by His faith

Circumstance beyond our control

For about two weeks I have had snippets of lyrics from Chrissie Hynde "Back on the chain gang" come bubbling up in my thoughts. I have not heard the song in years so I finally searched for the whole song tonight. Now I can see the Lord's quiet way of teaching me something. A circumstance … Continue reading Circumstance beyond our control

words to comfort

In the shadow of your dreaming I arise inside of you. Like the golden dawn a new day rising like the mist or raging storm. I am with you in all your longings, I am in you as hand in glove. I share your heart and deepest longings, I know the thoughts you focus on. … Continue reading words to comfort

One World Government is the end goal

As many already understand the goal of the hidden puppet masters behind the visible institutions and politicians is a one world government and religion and economy. This is their goal. They have not given up on their ages old plan. At present we see sweeping the whole world a rise in Nationalism. This is the … Continue reading One World Government is the end goal

You can only be yourself

Tonight on the "The Voice Australia ™" the judging panel told a contestant he needed to be more self assured because he is really talented. They said he needed to "be himself and not try to be someone else". His reply was tremendous. I am being myself! This is what I am like. I am … Continue reading You can only be yourself

Jesus is happy being you

You may not know this but Jesus is happy being you. He is happy walking about through life in this world as you. How can I say such a thing? Because that is the heart of the New Covenant God has made with us who believe in the Seed of Abraham. Under the Old Covenant … Continue reading Jesus is happy being you

Jesus’ Hebrew name is YESHÛ‛ÂH ישׁוּעה

Every time a Jew reads their Hebrew Scriptures they have 78 chances to see JESUS name shouting out at them. Jesus’ Hebrew name is YESHÛ‛ÂH ישׁוּעה H3444 ישׁוּעה yeshû‛âh I HAVE EXCHANGED THE TRANSLATED ENGLISH WORDS  WITH THE HEBREW  YESHÛ‛Â Perhaps the Holy Spirit of God will open the eyes of anyone who reads these … Continue reading Jesus’ Hebrew name is YESHÛ‛ÂH ישׁוּעה

Beware what you say about rulers

I guess in every age the body of people have had many reasons to speak evil of their rulers. Yet God says in His Law  "You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people. Exo 22:28 NKJV According to Strong revile is the word qâlal which means: to be (causatively make) light, literally (swift, small, sharp, … Continue reading Beware what you say about rulers

A rebuilt Temple does away with Jesus

I notice that Israelis are comparing Pres. Donald Trump with King Cyrus saying that Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of the world is the same as Cyrus’ calling to restore Jerusalem. One such Israeli group has minted a silver coin to commemorate Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem which he announced December 6th 2017.(The date equates … Continue reading A rebuilt Temple does away with Jesus

If it had not been the Lord who was on our side

Let Israel now say….If it had not been the LORD who was on our side. Can’t we all say that who have come to trust in the God of the SEED of father Abraham? Yes we certainly can my friend. Those who are in Christ are in Abraham’s SEED –Therefore we are Israel who are IN … Continue reading If it had not been the Lord who was on our side

Perfect law keepers

As I was meditating on the things of God while driving a work truck I began to think about Paul the Apostle’s claim of being blameless according to the Law. “Concerning the righteousness which is in the law, blameless.” Phil 3:6B  He was blameless when it came to keeping the Torah–the Law of Moses. That … Continue reading Perfect law keepers

Are you waiting to go to heaven?

I do not want to rain on your party but getting saved, being born again, believing in Jesus Christ is NOT all about dying and going to heaven. It is about knowing the Father and Jesus whom He sent, now in this life. Of course that is the whole idea–the whole purpose of the Father. He wants … Continue reading Are you waiting to go to heaven?

Breaking word curses and vows

During times when we have failed miserably in some way the enemy presses us to speak in line with his accusations whispered into our minds. At those times and in those seasons of high stress we may have uttered word curses about ourselves in some area of life. You may have failed at work and … Continue reading Breaking word curses and vows

Saved and delivered

God does amazing things doesn’t he? On Christmas day we took a lost soul into our home. The police told me to “have nothing to do with these bad people”. He said that because he had dealt with her and her friends and family over many years. Notorious drug users and as a result petty … Continue reading Saved and delivered

Trying hard to get where you are

Whenever I turn on the Christian radio I hear preachers exhorting the flock of God to try harder to be pleasing to God. They make a big deal about the responsibility being all ours. Whether it is to do with a thing called “the call of God” or with another thing called “personal holiness” preachers … Continue reading Trying hard to get where you are

Speaking the truth in love

A very common but ugly attitude in Christian circles is displayed when someone tells some hard truths to another person and feels justified in doing so by using Paul’s admonition to “speak the truth in love”. Brother you are behaving badly! Brother you are an angry person! Brother if only you were not so pig … Continue reading Speaking the truth in love

Fall into the ground

We know that Jesus was/is the grain of wheat that fell into the ground. He died and was buried in the ground. When He was raised up, it was so that He would live all those who believe in Him into life. We have believed in Jesus–the One who is always leading us to death … Continue reading Fall into the ground

Let me preach the whole verse

I see that my brethren still preach half verses and this only keeps the blinders on. Let me give an example. I don’t know how many times I have had brethren throw half verses at me to convict me as guilty. Here is one of them. “It is appointed to me to die once then … Continue reading Let me preach the whole verse

Soulish Prayers

I wonder how many Christians realise that some kinds of prayers for other people cause headaches and fever and other symptoms of sickness? Many times in my short Christian experience I have come under attack not from demons but from well meaning brethren. Whenever we pray that God would make someone else do this or … Continue reading Soulish Prayers