Evangelism in India

I offer this unedited evangelism trip to India as a testimony to God’s glory. As you will see, I am not perfect, far from it! But God will use whatever we offer Him if our heart is in the right place.
My host was Sam(below) and Rebecca.
25 May 2009
On the way to India I stopped over in Singapore airport awaiting my connecting flight to
Chennai(Madras). Whilst in the airport I met and spoke with a Russian Jew who now lives
in Thailand. We spoke for 3 hours about God and Jesus and the Torah and his time in
Communist Russia. It was an amazing time.
26 May 2009
Upon landing at the little airport at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Pastor Sam and his friend Sathakat welcomed me. We drove back to Guntur which took 1 and a half hours in Sathakat’s 80’s model Jeep. The temperature was around 47 degrees outside and inside as there was no airconditioning. Even though it is only about 40 km from the airport, it took so long because we drove so slowly.
Windows all open, little fan blowing hot air on me, boots filling with sweat….so hot! I saw two water Buffalo swimming in a pond which I thought was a great idea! Crossed the very wide Krishna River, mostly dry flood plains. Monsoons not here yet, though they expect them early this year.
Arrived at Sam’s home at 1.30pm. Everyone who spied me in the car, stared at me. No one smiled, just blank stares. Too hot to smile I think and too poor. Had a rest, was shown bed and the toilet, met Rebecca, gave the gifts Carmel and the children made. Sathakat left. We went and visited the orphans Sam looks after. They loaded me up with garlands of yellow flowers around my neck. One by one they came and put one around my neck. They got quite heavy! They sang some songs for me as well. These kids come from the districts around Guntur, from HIV AIDS parents who are either dead or are dying.
I came home and ate a rice meal, very tasty, but I had no appetite. Slept with the ceiling fan and the pedestal fan on me, on top of a stretcher bed, singlet and shorts. Woke up three times to have a drink of bottled water. Sweated all night. The temp in the room must have been 35-38 all night, concrete holds the heat.
The bathroom is adequate, squat toilet and bucket bath. Try not to get any water in my mouth. Pray over the water, trust God. Sometimes feel like a prisoner as Sam closes all of my doors and leaves me secure inside the oven to wait for him.
Rebecca speaks some English and understands most of my requests. Ghekkoes in the toilet are big, about 15cm, creamy colour. Called “Ba-Lik” and the water dragon on the pavement and in the trees- “Thonda.”
27 May 2009
Sensed oppression come over me when on the second day here. Prayed in the Spirit for 3 hours until it lifted off. Then later that day the wife from upstairs(owners) came down to invite me to come up with them to have a meditation class with their Guru. She offered his particular magazine to read, I declined , saying that Jesus Christ is God and my God.
Rebecca was glad that I put her out like that. Went to the orphanage with Sam, where I was asked to pray for the healing of those children who had a fever. One child , about 5 years, had a temperature of 104. Next morning the temperature was normal in all of them. Another boy was anaemic and suffering weakness. He liked me I think because my skin was similar colour to his. His eyes would also twitch from side to side rapidly before settling down as he looked at me.
Found 2 caterpillars on the bed from the flower garlands hanging over my bed. Sent some emails from Sam’s old computer. Asher Aziz in Pakistan was asking me to answer 3 questions for him about the Holy Spirit….funny man…Henry in Uganda, says his church are all praying for my trip whilst they fast for 40 days on other things.
I had no idea of my upcoming schedule, but I was soon to be introduced to it.
Sam took me to his pastor’s church out of the city. Pastor Deva Das had built the building and been serving the church here since 1977.
37 Pastors came to hear me speak from all over the districts around Guntur. The building is lime washed white on the outside, set in paddocks near farm labourers houses.
I suppose it would be about 150 sq metres in size. On the walls scriptures are painted in Telugu for encouragement. When we arrived in the 4×4, they were praising and praying with a “sinfle drum”. The anointing of the Lord was tangible to me and I was immediately able to enter into worship with them, though I could not understand a thing they sang!
Brother Finney from Vijayawada (name given at his baptism) translated for me into Telugu. His dad is in hospital so he may not be able to translate for me again as he has to visit his dad.
I preached on Romans 10:1-5..righteousness of Faith versus righteousness of works. Also on resisting the accuser, resting in the finished work of Jesus. Shared my testimony of last
6 years and how it all turned around through Luke 15 and speaking in tongues.
Taught on Holy Spirit baptism(not knowing what they all believed) and asked for those who had never spoken in tongues but who want to to come forward. 5 pastors came forward.
They all received by faith and they all spoke in tongues this day.
Afterwards I had lunch with them all…well, they all sat on the floor, while I was at the table
near the pulpit with brother Finney and Sam. We had rice and chicken and chilli…hot.
I had had Iglee for breakfast (like rice cakes with chilli) and felt bloated and blocked up.
We came home and I slept for 2 hrs . Then prayed in the spirit for a few hours in
preparation for the night meeting coming up.
We went to a slum area set behind a large Chilli Exporting factory. This time Sam’s
brother lent him his Nova to travel in. This is an old-style shaped car but a current model
with A/C !! This slum is for the chilli factory workers. A few years ago there had been a
large fire here that had killed 300 families. Now they had received permission to rebuild on
the same spot , but better buildings. When we arrived some people were already on their
stretcher beds in the road. Their houses are thatched roof on ash block walls with earthen
floors, oil lanterns, no running water, open sewers on both sides of the road.
This was my first time out amongst the people. Some very old men and women were on
their stretcher beds…some looked obviously in pain. Pastor Sunil and Sam and I walked
down a street away from the meeting venue. We could hear the sound of the church
singing and giving testimony from where we were in the slum. All who spied me in the
darkness stared at me. Their eyes seemed to be saying, “What is this white westerner
doing out here!!???”
The church (about 20-30 people)were at the end of a little street, sitting on a canvas sheet
made of bags that had been opened out and stitched together. Their shoes were all off to
the side in a pile…so I did the same. The pulpit was facing down the street , with a bright
spotlight on me and one out onto the people. One drum and 2 little ladies were singing
praises from the Telugu praise book. I was motioned to sit down behind the pulpit. Off to
the right I saw a man looking at me from over his fence. On the left, about 20 metres away,
a family were in their hut watching the tv! To my immediate left some more houses about
10 metres away.
I preached from John Chapter 4…No accident that I am here to speak to you tonight just
as it was no accident that Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well. I shared 2
stories to illustrate this from my own life , how God arranges divine appointments. No
accident that I am here today to bring good news of sins forgiven. Called for people to
come and join us if they want to choose Jesus and receive eternal life and called for the
sick to come and they will be healed. About 6 came, Hindus and a Muslim man, who had
need of healing. All were healed…long term headaches, chest pain and weakness. Among
the church were knee pain, arm pains, headaches, thyroid problems, ..but 1 old man had
diabetes and knee pain, not able to use his knee properly for years. He was able to bend it
and walked easily …he got down on his knees in front of me and touched my feet to thank
me…I pointed him to Jesus! The people are very biblically illiterate. After healing prayer I
closed with a prayer for those who wanted to ask Jesus for Living water, which I spoke of
as the Holy Spirit Baptism after salvation. A mighty surge of the Spirit came as the people
all spontaneously lifted their hands to heaven. The women started weeping as Jesus
touched them with his power.
After, the pastor invited me into his humble dwelling for a mango…they leave the skin on to
eat it. Then as we went to leave, more people came up for prayer for healing. One Muslim
came and the Lord touched him powerfully.. I prophesied that the church will prosper and
grow here in this place.
Came home , had chicken Bryani and more rice, Sam was wanting to lavish food on me
after seeing what the Lord did through me tonight. But at the end, I was bloated. I had to
pace up and down the hot courtyard. Since Sunday I have only been to toilet once. On the
way home from this meeting I saw many Lepers sleeping, lying on the road island, I mt
wide, in between main road, on the bridge. No mat, just in the dirt. Maybe about 30 of
them sleep here every night, so sad. Many beggars sit on the road in the daytime, no
shoes, so hot.
28 May 2009
Very hot night again inside the room, 38 easy – sweated all night and drank 2 litres of
water during the night! Slept from 11.30-6am. Told Sam in a strong way that I do not want
to eat anything until the afternoon, too bloated, not hungry.
Went with him to the orphanage, 50 mts away, to send an email home. Half asleep, in
shorts, sandals and an Aussie print shirt(map on it). Met Samuel Kumar on the way who said
he is a gospel singer. He was at the little food stall where Sam bought some food for the
kids. He also gave one little girl a wrapped mint, the others were all upset.
The computer had to be rebooted three times to get online. As I write this back in my
room, a Hindu person from the shop made me some sago to help with my bowels, very
nice, with peanuts and noodle in it. Had some coffee in tiny cups and biscuits and bottled
water and “Appi” – fizzy apple juice.
There is a young lady banging clothes on the concrete outside my window 2 metres from
me. The window is quite low, and she looks in at me every now and then curiously…no
smile or greeting, just staring with big brown eyes and red chakra spot on her forehead.
Little Veronica, 11 months old, cries every time I look at her. Lyddia, her sister, is a little
darling. 3Years old, loves to talk and sing and smiles coyly. Sam has gone off to get beef
for the arvo meal before we go to a village tonight to share the gospel. 12 villages will
receive the gospel. Each village has 1 church. Syam and the pastors have planted them.
An intriguing thing to me is the poster on the wall of “Our Lady Vailankanni”…a mother
and child goddess. Why Sam has this I am yet to ask.?? The time will come when I do I
think, God has restrained me so far.
Another village night meeting 15 km outside of Guntur. We sort of got lost. It was very dark
on the highway and the head-lights are pretty useless in the Jeep. Sam could not quite
remember where the turn off was, so we went past it a few times and eventually found it.
We stopped twice to ask different people directions to the turn off.
We passed a 40 mt high statue of the monkey god and various other temples and shrines
to Ganesh the elephant head god.
People everywhere lying on stretcher beds in the street trying to escape the heat in their
huts. People out walking, riding bikes, motorbikes, scooters, tractors, carts pulled by oxen,
chaos, potholes, no moon up, no white lines and extreme heat and dust…FUN!!
Once on the track we were driving along a skinny raised up mound between lakes of
water! I found out that this water is good for drinking but they first pass it through a
sediment filter…cotton sheets…the underground water below it is too salty to drink. When
we arrived along the levee-bank road the people were gathered behind a banner all sitting
on the canvas groundsheet singing songs of praise in Telugu. By now it was 9 pm. As they
continued singing the pastor took Sam and I off to his hut for a mango and some tea.
In the pastor’s small 4m x 4m one room house they had a single bed and a stainless steel
fridge and an evaporative air cooler and ceiling fan…this all seemed strange to me in such
a poorly built building. After sitting there for 15 minutes(it was hotter in here than outside)
they took us back to the congregation. I have been battling this sort of dumb honour thing
with Sam and his food.Eat, eat, eat…trouble is I am not hungry!
A lot of the Hindu local people were settling down in their beds for the night by now as I
began to preach. I preached “God is busy looking for the lost.” At the end I prayed for
nearly every person. I asked for those who had long term illnesses or diseases. A girl of
about 10 years of age had a tumour in her rib area.. was instantly healed…now without any
pain, though she prodded the area that just before was extremely painful!! A lady was told
she has low blood levels(leukemia) received healing prayer and another with a paralysed
right arm was healed.
Many with leg pains, knee pain were healed so that they could now
bend their knees without any pain. One lady had had a headache for 20 years was
instantly free through the name of Jesus and His marvelous power. Some with chest pain
were healed and quite a few with gastric problems came forward. One lady who had an
accident and lost 4 fingers on her left hand came forward. I prayed for new fingers to come
forth and grow and her leg wound which would not heal to be healed. She later came back
with a small bottle of anointing oil wanting me to pray for her eye sight as well. All glory to
Jesus for what He did this night!!
A family received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and all spoke in tongues…a pastor came
forward and testified of speaking in tongues for the first time at the pastors conference.
Many more were healed. They all beamed joyously knowing that Jesus loved them and
sent someone to lift them from suffering..Hallelujah!! We arrived home at midnight! I then
ate hot chilli beef and chicken with rice and a bowl of fresh mango!!
29thMay 2009
The Holy Spirit spoke to me about preaching on the street in front of the Christian
bookstore in Guntur. He wanted to bless the owner, Sathakat. So we got there at 7pm. I
stepped out in faith. He said to me ,
‘ if you want the greater anointing you have to step out
into a place where you need it.’
I stepped into the gap between the shop and the main
street with traffic and people going by and began to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Healer in
a loud voice. People walking by looked , people stopped and stared all around as I
preached with my big blue Bible in hand , in a language and accent most could not
understand. Apparently the traffic policeman(well known to Syam) was keeping a close
eye on me and listening. I was worried about this issue of the law because I came to India
on a tourist visa and did not want to be deported! After a few minutes of preaching like this
I was tapped on the shoulder and turned to see a small gathering behind me of young men
listening. I continued preaching Jesus to them, His substitutional death making it possible
for those who believe to receive forgiveness, righteousness and physical healing. I
challenged any who were sick to believe and I would heal them in Jesus Name. I
challenged them to accept Jesus if they had not done so before. They all wanted prayer!!
One man about 20 years old named John told me that he wanted to be an evangelist but
he said he does not have the power of the Spirit. I said to him, “Do you know that today is
the Feast of Pentecost in Israel?” He did not know but his eyes widened at the
thought…then I prayed that the Lord Jesus would baptise him with the Spirit. The power of
God fell upon him there on the side of the busy road…I had to hold him up as he was going
to fall over!
Then he began speaking in a language he never learnt and was so happy and
thankful to Jesus.
Another young boy of 16 gave his heart to Jesus for the first time. His
clothes stunk as I prayed with him to receive Christ. The Lord had told me to take some
cash with me for someone. I put it into the boy’s top pocket after he accepted Jesus, he
beamed a big smile. I introduced him to Sathakat as his new friend and pastor. Apparently
the boy has been back regularly to see Sathakat since that night.
Other people there were healed and some more brothers were filled with the Holy Spirit
after seeing John speaking in tongues like in the Book of Acts. It was a great victory that
night on the main street of the city.
After this we went on to the village and I preached again. This time we were gathered next
to the church building a metre from main highway leading to Chennai 420km away.
As we pulled up in the Jeep, a father was fanning his child who was lying on a stretcher bed out in the open trying to sleep. Then the man hurried off out of view and came back with some wool. He put this on the fire he had just lit next to the bed so that the smoke wafted over the child. This was a mosquito repellent Sam said. These people build their squatters huts near to the place that they work.
We had some trouble with the sound equipment at this meeting but eventually it all
worked. People were walking past us, stopping and looking and walking on. People were over the road looking on as well.
I preached on Mephibosheth in 2 Sam 9. The church were all blessed as I spoke of the
Lord looking for someone He could show covenant kindness to…are you that person? I challenged their hearts to receive His kindness. Many folk were healed. 2 old women with severe scoliosis of the spine were healed and stood upright before everyone’s amazed eyes, it was wonderful! Many with pain and headache were healed. Chest pain and knee pain were healed in many.
One man came 75 km to the meeting and gave his life to Jesus. He had heard by word of
mouth about the meeting and came with a friend on a bike. He fell down at my feet in
repentance and tears. The Lord also filled him with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking
in tongues!
His friend though, wanted God to do some miracle before he would believe…considering
what He had already been doing this night, the guy was hardened. I laid hands on him
and prayed that the Lord would show him his need of a saviour.
One man was healed of a headache he had had for 4 years!
I also preached to them about not having idols in your house if you are a Christian as it will
ensnare you and allow demons to attack your life. I said, even the pictures of Jesus with the sacred heart are idols,
as the word says to not make any image of him. These sacred heart Jesus pictures also carry a good luck line on the
bottom saying that the house in which the picture hangs is blessed…meaning that the picture has some sort of power to
give….I explained that the power is demonic and not God’s power, that God hates idols as
they compete with Him for the hearts of His people. Some ladies started arguing
animatedly with my translator about what I had taught. I basically said, ‘take it seriously..I
have warned you now, the choice is yours, God will not force you to worship only Him.’
Later the translator said it was very prophetic in nature what I had said to them about
these things. He said none of the pastors will dare talk about it so strongly as I
did..haha..praise God.
30th May 2009
It rained all night which made for a cooler day today…relief, only about 35 today! But I had
the runs all night and day today. Very weak as a result. Battled against it in prayer and faith
in his word which says that by his stripes I am healed.
During the morning I had the freedom in my spirit to challenge my host about the idols in
his home and he took them all down. Sam also prayed in tongues a little bit as well today
which was great too.
At night we went to a village 25 km out on the Chennai highway. Very poor farming area
where a lot of folk live in thatched huts. I did not know what I would preach. First we went
from house to house praying for the sick and needy. One old mumma, around 90 years old
they said had led many of the congregation to Jesus over the years and was a founding
member of the church here. She was waiting for me in her little hut, sitting on the end of
her stretcher bed. She was so feeble but when she grabbed my hand she had a strong
grip! I knelt down next to her and as I did I sensed the presence of God so strong come on
us. I prayed for her and thanked God for her life. It was if the Lord dropped into my heart a
prophetic message while I was with her. I was reminded of Anna the prophetess.
Later as we worshipped at the meeting, with Ps Sunil leading, the Holy Spirit fell on all of
us and people were weeping and sobbing.
I preached from Psalm 102 on the groaning of the prisoner and Exodus 2 and Luke 2. God
hears the cry of the prisoner to release them and he heard the prayers of Anna and sent
Jesus!! He heard Israel and sent Moses. And here he has heard the old sister’s prayers
and sent me!
God did wonders again, healing many of them through the laying on of hands..Mk 16:18
One whose leg could not bend at all, can now bend! Also here in this village I was asked to
give new Christian names to 4 believers who had been recently baptised. The custom is to
give a Christian name to those who were Hindu’s as their previous name is the name of a
Hindu deity. After seeking the Lord in prayer I gave the 3 women names, Naomi, Phoebe
and Anna…and the only man – Simon. They were all teary and happy with this. What a
responsibility I felt at first…but then rested it on the Spirit.
Got home this night at 12:15 am.
31stMay 2009
Preached in Sunil’s church today. He is the translator I have been blessed with. He is 23,
married and has been to Bible College in Chennai.
I feel a lot better today with no stomach trouble. But today is back to being very very hot
again after the respite from the oven yesterday. The worship was awesome here,
warfare, glory came down upon us all.
Preached on righteousness from John 4…”if you knew the gift of God”,
Rom 5, Lev 1-6 and 2 Cor 5:21—knowing the gift of God (Jesus our righteousness) puts an end to the
power of the accuser in our lives and all struggle in our own strength to please God.
1st June 2009
Sam is very pleased with my visit especially that I have been able to go to the small
villages that no western preachers go to. He said that the big evangelists only stay in the
city and the poor are not able to get there.
We went to a village far out of town in the farming lands called Yammatee. A small village
with many small houses with thatched roofs. The Catholic Church had built a small church
building here years ago which the baptist minister had taken over about 30-40 years ago.
This man was at the meeting and had a hand shake like an arm wrestler!
The congregation were sitting on their canvas next to the building, with very loud speakers
I shared a few testimonies of God’s love as the Lord lead me to tell them of His great love
for them.
4 Ladies gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time, confessing Him as risen from the
dead and Lord. Prayed for healing for many people till 11.30pm. Prayed for 4 people who
 had had cataracts removed from their eyes surgically, but who still had poor sight.. Prayed
for a baby with a head filled with fluid so that the size of her head was twice as large as
normal. It wobbled around not able to be supported by her little neck. The doctors said an
operation would kill the child, so the mother desperately believed for healing as I laid
hands on the head and cast out the spirit of infirmity causing it.
Also prayed for a lady who had had a migraine headache for 6 years. She had pain before
I prayed but it left straight away. Another lady had a headache for 4 years, it left. Many with
chest pain were released as well. Most of the time I feel the same pain in my chest as I
stand in front of them. I am normally led to break curses off them in Jesus name. The pain instantly leaves.
One lady had not slept a wink at night for years! I prayed in faith against insomnia. Have to
wait for the reports of many of these healings…praise be to Jesus!
The old Baptist pastor here was so happy afterwards that he gave me a big hug which
lasted for about 15 seconds!! This is the first time such affection has been shown to
me..praise to Jesus for these wonderful people.
Afterwards a semi drunk man wanted me to come back to his hut for coffee and mango.
We went, in the darkness along a little cow path to his hut, where others were already
asleep. We sat on the stretcher beds eating mango. He was very happy to have a
westerner in his place. Syam was not that happy about it as the man had been drinking,
but I felt that a sinner was being drawn to Jesus somehow.
On the way home in the Jeep full of brothers we stopped at the truck stop for a cup of Tea.
Over the road stood the huge monkey god statue. Feel very disappointed that the 4 semi
blind ladies did not get instantly healed tonight.
Home at 1am.
2nd June 09
Attack on my mind
Little baby Veronica had a bout of diarrhea during the night and although I prayed she was off to the hospital.
More evidence that my ministry is a sham! This family will not accept any money from us so I have decided not to give to them anymore.
Maybe my giving to them is not of God. Maybe they feel guilty , something wrong here. I have a sore throat
today with a lot of mucus, like cold symptoms. No bottled water in fridge today. Cannot
connect to the internet either. Our home phone in Australia is not working for Carmel and
now she has no credit to call me. Cut off here. Also trouble being stirred up in the news
between Australia and India. Charges od racism aimed at all Australians on CNN all day
So this day I was being attacked in my body and in my mind big time. I totally fleshed out
and sinned against my brother , accusing him of many things and speaking harshly to him.
He was very hurt by this. I was brought very low by all this and asked for their forgiveness.
Though I apologised I still continued on condemning myself for what I had said. I include
this in this testimony to be transparent in the hope my mistakes will help someone.
It all began because I thought they had no money to buy even water as I had not had a
drink for 5 hours. I thought they had run out of money and I was frustrated by this as I was
the cause of them borrowing it all and I did not bring enough money with me….Lu 9 and
Mtt 10 both say to take nothing for the journey but to stay in the house where you go and
to let your peace come upon that house, if it is not worthy let your peace return to you. It is
worthy. I am not worthy to be here as His ambassador though.
It rained, so the night meeting was called off- track too muddy. Sam very hurt by my
words he went out with Ps Sunil and said he’d be back in 30 minutes to take me to the
meeting at Yammatee again. But he did not come back until very late at night, and did not
tell me by text message to let me know what is happening, whether the meeting was on or
not. He sent Sunil back to me at 10.30pm 3 hours late., by then I was already in bed
sleeping in a depressed state. So Sunil left and went back to Sam…where? He would not
say where he was to Rebecca. Little Veronica is sick. I have a throat cold and cough. I
have packed my things, I apologised to Sam and Rebecca, but he is very upset and
3rd June 09
Up at 6 writing this. I await the judgement from Sam whether he wants me to continue
here or not. I have no faith to go on, am full of accusations of Satan and will not do this
again! No more overseas preaching or preaching fullstop!! I am not ready or called to it.
Tongue too sharp, heart is full of selfishness.
Sam woke up late as last night he and Sunil went to Yammatee without me, as the
pastor’s phone was switched off. The road was too muddy and the meeting called off. They
came back and knocked at my door aparently , but I was asleep. They went and had
coffee together…I told Sam that Sunil is a good brother for you…I felt so much sadness
and self pity saying this as I am not a good brother to him.
So far we have preached Wed, Thur,Fri, Saturday twice, Sunday morning and Monday
night…Wednesday today and the Municipal council have turned the water off to our part of
town. The orphans have no water either. The power also goes off regularly here which is
annoying as the fans go off. Too hot. Had a troubling dream in which I felt distant from old
friends. Today I mad a paper plane for one of the orphan boys who visits me, Veja.
Carmel phoned from Australia saying she was able to transfer some money to Sam
successfully this time. It had not worked at all many times. Now that the pressure of the
situation accomplished in me an explosion of flesh…the money goes through! Typical!
Saul’s sacrifice..1 Samuel 15.
Fasted yesterday and today except for some cough lollies for my sore throat.
Message for tonight “ Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you first believed?”
Satan does not want me to go on. I nearly gave in.
We went to the village at 7.30pm, very hot day after the rainy day yesterday.
The meeting was set up on the road way. Tractors and 3 wheeler taxis and motorbikes and
scooters kept coming along the road, but being turned back by our people. There were
only a handful of Kids at first and an old man. The worship was a struggle and going
nowhere, I knew that the Lord would do something. We went and had a cup of tea and I
was shaking from weakness in my body and the cold I had had. Everything at the meeting
was down…people down, too much distraction, worship down…But the Holy Spirit kept
encouraging me to share what I had prepared on the Baptism of the Spirit.
We looked at about 6 scriptures and I challenged them that if they were born again and
baptized in water only
then they still had not received the Spirit like the believers in
Samaria had..Acts 8, 19 and John 7:38,39, Eph 1:13
I challenged them to receive the power of the Holy Spirit so that the Lord could use all of
them to heal the sick, not just the “man of God” as they think. I said that there is too much
Indian culture in the church. Need to follow the scriptural pattern not tradition and culture.
Eph 4:11 says that the 5 fold ministry are to equip the saints for the work of the ministry of
the Spirit. I asked if they though India would be evangelized through a few pastors. I
preached a short gospel message as well and challenged passers by and those at small
shops nearby to accept Christ Jesus. Preached strongly on hell. It seems that this village
is very complacent. A lot of men drinking alcohol listening to me.
At altar call prayed for 2 people with cancer. One lady has been passing blood in her urine.
As soon as I layed hands on her she went down under the power of God and began
shaking all over. Luckily I knew she was going down and held her up long enough for Sunil
to catch her.
Many headaches and chest pain healed here. Many with stomach pains healed as well.
The people need to be taught to stand against these troubling spirits of sickness on their
own. I spent some time teaching on how to do this. The whole night I struggled with my
own health though, coughing and spluttering in between commanding sickness to leave
others! Ps Sunil did a marvelous job translating again. This night was different in that
tonight I called for the old to be prayed for first.
There was a sister here named Mariama whose husband is a drunkard. He left her with
the children, now she lives with her parents who try to stop her going to a Pentecostal
church. She is desperate for a breakthrough, sometimes suicidal. I said I would continue to
pray for her after I leave India.
At home later, such a hot night, hottest I have had in the room, felt like 40+c all night!!

4th June 09

Sunil is already talking about my next trip and organising teaching conference for the churches. I feel like a lead weight today, last night took a lot out of me. I find myself getting annoyed by the constant staring of the kids and the adults in the street and in the home mainly. Yet these differences they see are the very draw card that Jesus uses to get them to listen to me! It is God’s way in missions. White skin, green eyes, curly hair, funny language, it must be odd to see from their side.
Getting cramps in feet. Resting on bed all morning. My pulse racing even at rest. 104 beats per minute. Normally it is about 70!!Just prayed in tongues all morning. Pulse slowly started coming down. Put wet towel on my body while laying under ceiling fan…cooled down…pulse dropped more.
CNN reported USA travel warning…Don’t travel to India now, too dangerous.
At 8 pm we left to go to a village about 25km out of town by motorbike! It was okay, bit dusty in the eyes though, worse for Sam who did not have goggles! Got a numb posterior though!!
At this meeting a eucalyptus tree hung over us and a big palm tree. Lots of mosquitoes here too. About 20 people at meeting.
Preached on the inner man of righteousness and prayed for the sick. The people did not seem to agree of understand the message…anyway, 1 lady had blood clots in her brain, another had blindness. Many with pain were healed.
After the meeting , then the people wanted me to pray for them…they would not come during the meeting! I had a couple of words of knowledge during the meeting foe some people with certain ailments. No one responded even though I repeated it 3 times. But they both came up after the meeting was over. Wonders never cease! Sunil, said, “ They are shy pastor” Aaaagghh. They got healed anyway. We went to the pastors hut and I was asked to pray for his son’s broken leg and his wife to be filled with the Spirit. Then on the way back the motorbike more wanted prayer. Extraordinary. Biked home slowly under a full moon. Cooler on the bike than in the Jeep.
Great to see the link between the ministry of the Spirit and the ministry of righteousness and how there is an inner man and an outer man..and how if you are established in His righteousness(not own) on the inside you will be far from devil’s oppression and will not always need the pastor’s to set you free.
One woman at this meeting had a headache. I could feel it at the front of her head…in my own head. I was prompted to ask if she had any household idols in her home. She had just gotten rid of them a few days previously. So together we renounced the power of these demon spirits and as we did the pain left my head. I said to her you are free now are’nt you? She was! I taught her and the others to get rid of these idols and to renounce the powers, repenting of it as well.
Later at home Sunil and Sam told of their desire to have me back in India to teach and also of their hope to come to Australia.

5thJune 2009

Went to Chupudy village about 40 km out of town. A long drive north, fires were burning in
the sugar cane fields. Windy, dusty and smokey, lightning as well up ahead. Village very
backward in some respects. We went around walking to various homes praying for the
sick. They sat me in front of the church to drink tea and be deafened by the speaker
system behind me, ha hah. Cows wandered past us as we sat drinking. More cows than
people out here. We were lead out of the village to relieve ourselves in the paddocks,
Did not start preaching until 10pm!, by this time the people are so tired. Preached on Mtt
9:13 Mercy(Grace) not sacrifice(Law). Mainly women in the congregation. The pastor is an
older man, white hair, built his house and church building here. Prayed for so many people
here after preaching. Prayed for more people in the village afterwards as well. A lady and a
man, sitting along the street, both in a lot of pain, both healed.
They gave me 10 rupees which is about 50 cents AUS ..a lot for them!
Came back to the church building and led a mother and her son to Jesus in prayer….she was weeping as the Holy Spirit touched her
deeply. Another girl weeping as the Holy Spirit filled her and she spoke in tongues for the
first time. Another demonised lady set free. Another teenage boy with “dullness, no
knowledge” was set free and prayed to receive Jesus. Man with a kidney problem and
swollen belly prayed twice for him and got him to confess his healing and thank Jesus for it.
Then they fed us all lovely food and then we left for the long trip home.
Stopped at a late night cafe where night shift workers eat and drink coffee. Prayed for a
man here who belongs to Sunil’s church. He has a fever. Got home at 1.35am very tired!
Another hot night, rained early in the morning though.

6th June 2009

Cooler morning from the rain. At breakfast Sam was talking to me about the success of
the village ministry and how the big ministries will not go out there to the little villages.
Then he spoke about our obligation to provide for the orphans and suggested that he
thinks I should register a charity in Australia so that big corporations can donate to India
through it, thereby helping his orphanage. He called it fund raising….I call it flesh!! I said I think being obliged to do
something is the flesh and not the freedom of a cheerful giver…just leads to pressure and anxiety which is what he seems to carry all the time.
Maybe I am wrong I dunno. I said I am open for God to give me His burden for India but not to be
burdened by men’s ideas and obligations.
No meeting tonight as we went to have dinner with Sathakat who owned the Jeep and the Christian Book store.
Sunday 7th June 2009
Preached at Senior Pastor Devadas’ church again, where I had first preached to the
pastors. I was only given 25 minutes. So I was led to share testimony of rescuing a
drowning man in the nick of time before he went under for ever. How we came at the last
minute. Related this to Jesus in Mtt 14 when Jesus came to the disciples at the 4th watch
of the night, the last minute, walking on the water. How he waits till we stop struggling and
our strength is all gone. He will give you a word to obey in your situation…Do it! ‘Come“ He
says “It is I” The margin says of Mtt 14:27 “I AM”. He is the answer to every situation, the I
am. Provision, healing, deliverance, salvation, healing!! What is your situation…He is I am!!
to you and in you, wait in faith on the Lord and he will come through. Sunil did an excellent
job again translating in the limited time we had to make room for the other Sunday morning
church traditions. Afterwards I was told to pray for everyone present but with not many
words, so I went along quickly past each row of people…about 50 maybe.
We left straight after this to go to have lunch with Sathakat’s relatives and friends and
Monday 8 th June 2009
Left Guntur and drove to Vijayawada airport in the Jeep. Sam and Sathakat gave me a
NKJV devotional Bible as we parted. Entering into the airconditioned airport was a
reminder of the easy life waiting for me back in Australia and the hard life that my Indian
brothers and sisters endure here.

I had experienced much and hopefully learnt a lot too.







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