He shall hide me

David said that in the time of trouble God would hide him in the secret place of his tabernacle in a Pavilion. David wrote a lot about God hiding him..Psalm 91 he shall hide you under his feathers under his wings... God is our refuge. it's one of the major things about our Father.. he … Continue reading He shall hide me

Psalm 46 reveals secret things

On July 15th I wrote about the Voice- HERE I wrote the following "HIS VOICE REMOVES ALL THAT CAN BE REMOVED It is also evident from the following passage that God will remove everything that can be removed BY HIS VOICE spoken out of our mouth. That means that this current age of human folly … Continue reading Psalm 46 reveals secret things

I’m no Gollum

I happened to see some of the Lord of the Rings on television a few nights ago. Just briefly I saw the scene where Sam Gamgee and Frodo are climbing up a difficult and dangerous path following Gollum in their journey to cast the ring of power into the lava of Mordor and thus destroy … Continue reading I’m no Gollum

Is your pastor blocking the door to the baptism in the Holy Spirit

Jesus wants you to go on with him into the next place of knowing God but there are men of God who forbid you to do that. [Music] hey it's uh the 19th of September 2023. you know it's amazing the patterns that God has placed in his word [Music] for us to learn by … Continue reading Is your pastor blocking the door to the baptism in the Holy Spirit

I was grieved with that generation

Our Father in the heavens is love... and so loved us that for us to reject what He wants for us to be and to enjoy grieves Him immensely. How many parents know exactly this grief? You are sharing with God the grief He feels for His children. The heading says "I was grieved with … Continue reading I was grieved with that generation

Two Great Wings

After returning from living in Jerusalem for six months in 1997 I was given a vivid prophetic dream by the Lord. At that time we were wondering which local church God wanted us to be a part of in the city of Perth as we had met and married in a different location. In the … Continue reading Two Great Wings

Being Jesus bride means He dresses us

The prophet Ezekiel paints a beautiful picture for us of the Bride of Jesus – His beautiful church–you and me if you are born again inside of Jesus. We who were once dead in trespasses and sins He has made alive having forgiven us all trespasses, having washed us with the washing of regeneration and … Continue reading Being Jesus bride means He dresses us

I stand at the door

I am driving a B/Double- two trailers behind a Prime Mover, three and a half hours to deliver perishable goods and then three and a half hours back to the city of Perth. I cannot get away from the lord speaking to me about The Door. This realisation of going through the door has been … Continue reading I stand at the door

Two Doors

I wrote the following on FB and then decided to put it here instead The Media's role is to cause you to take a side in every matter- for and against..Thus they are an outgrowth of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which if one eats from it will surely DIE. God … Continue reading Two Doors

Internal Hell ceases

One of the things stopping Christians believing they are in full union with God is the belief that God knows good and evil. Who wants to be in union with such a being? Not me!! The teaching of going to a Heaven or going to a Hell are the result of this split apart mindset … Continue reading Internal Hell ceases