words to comfort

In the shadow of your dreaming I arise inside of you. Like the golden dawn a new day rising like the mist or raging storm. I am with you in all your longings, I am in you as hand in glove. I share your heart and deepest longings, I know the thoughts you focus on. I am the one who shares your laughter, I am the one who shares your pain…I am the one who shares your anger, and rejection which comes gain.

My heart has always been set upon you. Always looking out for you. Even though darkness hides me, even though shadows threaten…when doubts and lies seek to hide me, I was there nonetheless. Never have I ever left you, never have I ever fled….when others left you down and broken I was there lifting up your head.

My child I love your sweet spirit, I love the way you laugh and care. I know all the things you secret, I walk you through all together, I lift you up and carry you on.

When walls of separation threaten, when all do leave you out of fear… I will not abandon….I will not flee my deer.

Your name is written on my bracelet…your name is engraved upon my thigh… I can never forsake or abandon the one for whom I gladly died.

So look again and you might see Me…when daily you take a bath or shower… I am the one looking right back at you, I am your life your one true heart. I fill you full with myself deer, I fill you full with all God’s love…I am the one who knows your name deer the one whose heart is as a flame.

I took you in to be my true love,,,I took you in to meet Papa….I know that in your heart you love me though your head can sometimes complain. Don’t despair or be ungrateful, I am with you all the way… I am  alpha and Omega the Source and Consummation of your refrain. You are with Me in all your troubles, you are with me in all your pains.

Together we as One go forward, believing Father has a plan…that we together are in union…that we together do rise again. I am the alpha and Omega I am the beginning and the end…the One who gave you life and favour the One who completes what has begun.

Your new heart is most precious, your new name I give me deer.

The Father’s child, His good pleasure, the object of His loving heart….the one He lifts and nourishes forever, the one who fits into His place…His heart is full of those just like you…His heart is knit with careful pain. The wonders of His loving nature, the glory of His gentle hand…the way He leads and guides forever, the way He brings you to His Man.

Oh sing the song they sing forever….sing of Jesus your one true life…Sing His song of joy and favour inside the heart of Father God. Sing…speak and tell yourself deer….sing, make melody with strings….He it is who dwells with you, He it is who fills you deer.

Your heart is true and good and clear…your heart is pure and righteous and free. Jesus fills you with all His fullness. Jesus calls you by your name deer, Jesus walks each step you take, Jesus knows your heart inside His, Jesus brings our Father in.


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