While world sleeps Oppression is coming

While the world sleeps the Oppressor is bringing his plan of total global slavery to fruition. The coronavirus LOCKDOWN is a big part of this plan. Jesus told us to watch and pray. Listen to this dear woman risking her life to WAKE YOU UP!!

Governments are speaking through their official controlled mouthpieces-the Media – about Quarantining people in camps far from cities and about the need for forced mandatory vaccinations

Download pdf showing 1995 illaminati card game which has prior knowledge of the plan which is being carried out now.


Multiple sources report that officials in China are now going door to door and checking for anyone who might be infected. If a member of the household is running a fever or displays any other possible symptom, they’re being taken away to be put into quarantine. Even worse, it appears that some contacts of people who have been confirmed to be infected are being quarantined too – you guessed it – with those who are already sick.

The PDF I link to above was downloaded from the CIA website 12 March 2020. It is an old article written by David Bay of cuttingedge.org

These cards show prior knowledge of all the facets of the Elite plan to thrust a world dictatorship upon us all.



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