While we are locked down they are WEAPONISING the WIFI

In our small town in Western Australia I daily watched as Technicians  upgraded the Mobile cell and internet towers. I mentioned it to many people who didn’t think anything of it. Why would they?

Today I heard a brother in the Lord Jesus reveal what is going on with this forced lockdown all around the world and it confirmed exactly what I have been saying and thinking.

The numerical signature being followed throughout this whole COVID-19 story points to April 11th as D day. I wrote that in my report on these numbers in this article–DOWNLOAD IT 

or go to the page itself – https://condemnednomore.com/the-numbers-11-and-13-appear-again/

The brother reveals that all our WIFI routers can be remotely used as a electromagnetic weapon against us. All the wifi infrastructure is being upgraded during this lockdown ready to be turned on after April 6th he says.

I would say April 11th is the day.

There is NO CORONAVIRUS THREAT!! Instead China was hit with a prolonged 5G 60GHz attack as a test run for the rest of the world.

5G at 60Ghtz causes oxygen absorption which means you cant get enough O2 and thus suffer many different symptoms and death as a result.

DOWNLOAD THIS REPORT – https://condemnednomore.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/The-Health-Impacts-of-Electromagnetic-Radiation.pdf

Here is an audio recording of the brother’s – JOE IMBRIANO- youtube from 19th March – today.

Joe advises to get rid of all wifi routers. But what he fails to say is that they have already thousands of satellites in orbit that can beam the same frequency at us.

What we are going to see when they do this will be horrific unless some kind of miracle happens.

Woe to pregnant women and those with young. EMF weapons –microwave ones at that.

Senator Richard Blumenthal questions Industry about safety of 5G under oath in Senate Hearing

The Wuhan event was only a test run and it worked.

As Jesus said, Pray you may be counted worthy to escape these things.

Not out of fear!!

Jesus HAS made you worthy by HIS BLOOD and through His FAITH which He gave you!

You are NOT appointed to wrath but to salvation inside of Jesus Christ.


Naturalnews.com is reporting on what skynews says-  that the virus is real and killing many people. I have pasted their quote on the picture below with the link. It says that Bergamo in Italy is being hit the hardest by the virus. So I googled “5g rollout bergamo” and the very first search result is a facebook post from the 7th March about how trees are being cut down so as not to impede the new technology – 5G I have translated the text of the FB post and placed it on bottom left.

The Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Radiation

this add was BANNED in UK – Click to go to their site









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