The numbers 11 and 13 appear again

All throughout 2019 I watched as false flag after false flag was carried out or reported on carrying the occult signature numbers of 11 and 13.

See the list of events with the characteristic numbers 11, 22, 13, 26, 52, 33,44,55,[PDF LINK] etc….All important to the occult planners to get success from dark forces. Seriously! They believe that numbers have inherent power in them and do things according to certain numbers. It is not simply coincidence but intentional.

So now we have Trump speaking to the nation on the evening of the 11th March 2020. This date has been a favourite over the years as has been 3/22.

In Masonry the 33rd degree is when the “truth” is revealed to the member that Lucifer is God (or so he thinks!) And keep in mind that the whole year of 2020 is seen by them as a 22 which is called the architect number. Just as last year was 2019 or 20+19=39. 39 is 3 x 13…13 being the number of rebellion against God.

Pres. Trump announced on the 3/11 that beginning 3/13 at midnight 26 European countries would banned from entering the USA for 30 days.

Those dates are broadcast for the benefit of those around the world with the knowledge of these things…to gloat over. They love to do this in front of people’s eyes without anyone knowing that they are broadcasting their hidden hand. That’s why I love to expose it!

Do you see the numbers?   3/11 is 33                3/13 is 39       and    26 is 2×13.

And if you calculate the 30 days from the 13th….


You come to 4/11/2020 seen as 44/22…a very powerful (in their mind) number set. These beginning and ending dates are carefully chosen by someone!

In fact if you look at the TIMELINE for the Coronavirus story it goes like this





The last day of the 39 year.

It is seen this way….Day:  1+2=3

Month: 31=13 backwards

Year: 20+19=39

                              3 x 13 =39 !!!!!


We are told that the fish market is shut down on 1/1/2020 — seen as 11/22



1/30/2020 Seen as 13/22.Thw WHO declares COVID19 GLOBAL EMERGENCY

31 provinces seen as 13

1/31/2020 Seen as 13/22 FIRST CASES IN RUSSIA, SPAIN,SWEDEN & UK


Notice that the crucial dates with 11 and it’s multiples and 13 and it’s multiples are related to NEW things in the story.

Thus 2/9/2020 [seen as 11/22] death toll surpasses SARS epidemic.

The video just happens to be 3:22 long,  same as the mention of ” 2002-03 SARS ” 322 backwards

GW Bush to the left of the Grandfather clock is a lifelong member of the Skull n Bones Society 322


3/19/2003 Seen as 3+1+9=13 or 3+19= 22 -AIR ATTACK

26 DAYS OF COMBAT – 2 x 13

2/13/2020 N.Korea places month long 30days

1300 death toll in china reported

3/11/2020 – WHO declares it a PANDEMIC

3/11/2020 – Trump tells of ban of 26[2*13] European countries

                 – Beginning on 3/13[13,39]

                 -For 30 days – up to 4/11/2020[44,22]


What does this prove if anything?

I have followed media reported events for a long time and seen their signature upon them. To me this signifies that the event is in some way a part of the overall Plan to enslave mankind in a one world dictatorship. So when I see their signature ALL OVER this COVID19 STORY I once again know that it is a controlled event with a cast of actors playing good guys and bad guys. It is just one more scene in their Production. To stay in control of the masses of people they must carefully herd them in the direction they intend. We should be wondering WHERE is that place they are herding us?

If you are discerning you see hints of it in the reporting.

There are stories appearing with little mentions of dirty cash. They say we should not use any cash because of cross contamination risks. So the infamous cashless society is one place they are leading us with this staged event.

Of course all through this staged event there has been the constant looking forward to…the HOPE, of a vaccination to save us all from the deadly VIRUS.

So forced mandatory vaccination is the main place this is all heading.

Laws have been passed to imprison and punish those who speak against vaccination.

The other constant 24/7 news you must hear all the time from the ones you can trust is the ECONOMY and THE SHARE MARKET.

The world economy is so much debt that an economic reset -to start again- but with a new sort of system is being spoken about.

All combined it is probable that anyone wishing to buy or sell in the new economy must first be vaccinated.

If all people are told to stay at home for some weeks how easy would it be during that time to crash the economy and do door to door vaccinations? Just wondering.

You can bet your bottom-(soon to disappear)dollar that during the forced stay at home the Television networks will still be running 24/7 continuing on with the narrative and the programming.

People will be that scared that they will stay glued to the set for instructions from the ones they have put their trust in.

As before anti-vaxxers will be painted as the enemy and as severe risks to us all–the herd. Of course no one stops to think why. If the vaccine works how is a non vaccinated person a risk to us.

Martial Law will be most likely be declared so that troops are released onto the streets and into every neighbourhood to enforce the lockdown and any other orders given such as disarming Americans and vaccinating them.


Associated press –

This story from Associated Press once again carries the USUAL SIGNATURE of 11 and 13

The number 11 and 13 once again.

Has everyone forgotten that the seasonal Flu has already killed 15,000 people this year in USA –and like clockwork kills 30,000 each year.

But this is different we are being told.


According to their pattern from the past we can expect new things to happen on 11’s and 13’s

Obvious dates are 3/22/2020 and 3/26/2020

Less Obvious dates are 3/20/2020 the Secret Society Skull n Bones number set of 322…..

also 3/31/2020 The 31 is seen backwards to be 13. Thus it is 3 x 13 = 39 in the year 2020 or 22- the architect number.

So what happened on 3/22??

Aljazeera continued their timeline…..

WHY do they not give the exact figure on 3/22 for deaths and infections?

Instead they say ROSE ABOVE 13,000 and SURPASSED 311,000. On other dates they give the exact figures. But on 3/22 which is the skull n Bones number, which the WESTMINSTER bridge false flag was carried out on by the way, they make sure they broadcast LOUDLY the number 13 and 11 and 33—3*11=33. But also it echoes back to 3/11 when WHO declared the virus a pandemic and also TRUMP declared a European ban beginning on 3/13.





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