God is upholding all

The Young’s Literal Translation is wonderful in that it correctly applies the present tense to many verses of Scripture which makes God the EVER PRESENT HELP in time of need that He truly is.

Jehovah is supporting all who are falling, And raising up all who are bowed down. 
The eyes of all unto Thee do look, And Thou art giving to them their food in its season,
Opening Thy hand, and satisfying The desire of every living thing. Ps 145:14-16 Young’s


Look at and meditate upon those verses above. Your heavenly Father–Who is dwelling INSIDE of your heart is right now supporting you….for you are right now and constantly falling…..if not for the Lord you are lost and perishing…not one day…but now!!

But He is sustaining you and upholding you with His righteousness—inside your spirit! He has chosen you to be holy and blameless before Him inside of Jesus love. You are upheld by His loving Son–Your only source of righteousness.

Your Father through Jesus Christ is raising you up and lifting you up out of shame and humiliation–He is the lifter of your head–constantly, always, RIGHT NOW.

In every moment He is caring for your needs…He knows your needs and the seasons of your life. He knows you intimately, better than you know yourself. Your inner eyes do look to Father -ALWAYS AND CONSTANTLY RIGHT NOW EVEN….They look and are dsatisfied, for Father is faithfully being your all in all—satisfying you with the right kind of food —spiritual, soulical and physical.

We abide inside of this Father Who is also abiding inside of us. Our eyes and heart are always looking earnestly unto Him. Our soul is satisfied and upheld constantly by Him. His love and compassion meets our desire all our days and more.

Rest, trust…and REJOICE!!