So you think you can obey God

Here’s a typical quote from a preacher, one that I read today….I have underlined what I want to comment upon. I mean no personal harm to the preacher, but am zealous for the Lord’s children.

The only absolute truth for believers is the Bible. So, whatever attitude and behavior of the children of God must be in accordance with God’s word written in the Bible. When we think, say, and act according to God’s word, what comes out of us is everything that is good and right, which in itself will build a good and right reputation. Indeed obedience to the word of God doesn’t always make us favored by others,

It is common teaching in most churches to hear preachers exhorting their congregation to obey God. Little do those preachers know that they are feeding death to God’s children.

Paul says clearly that we all fall short in trying to keep God’s word. The idea is that we would agree with God and cease trying to do that. By telling people to try to think like God and do like God we show that we still have not seen something very important.

We can do nothing of ourselves!! We are UNABLE TO OBEY GOD!!

It is actually one side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that we are trying to be. Do good, don’t do bad….this is the tree that brings death.

Rather we eat only from the tree of Life which is Christ Jesus living in us –even living AS us. All God’s words are being fulfilled in us and through us by Jesus Himself sharing the same form as us.

We are ONE with Him. We rest totally inside Jesus and Father does the works, Father does the living with us in all that we are right now.

Quit trying to obey God’s word and admit that you cannot. It is quite liberating(understatement intended)…it is the first step in finding Jesus to be your only life.

Do you want to be in the New Covenant or the Old? If the old, then keep trying to obey Gods word. That route will leave you disinherited and condemned as the failure you really are. If the New is what you want then cease all your working and simply believe that God is fulfilling all His word by Christ in you.

Be blessed in Jesus

Got anything to add to this?

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