Queensland floods January 11 2011

The numbers around the 2011 floods are suspicious and point to an engineered weather event or at the very least deliberately making the situation worse by opening the dam sluice gates.

Why? To blame Climate Change in order to pass Orwellian measures upon this nation.


Flooding began to affect low-lying areas of Brisbane on the morning of 11 January 2011.

NOTE THE 11TH of 2011

While an expert engineer, Michael O’Brien—a senior manager of an ASX-listed resources company and an outside consultant evaluating cause—agrees that “massive releases of water from Wivenhoe Dam on Tuesday, January 11, did indeed produce most of the flooding in the Brisbane River the following afternoon, with a peak in the early hours of Thursday morning, January 13. Wikipedia

The Wivenhoe Dam filled to a level equivalent to 191% of its supply capacity on 11 January 2011. Although the dam can hold the equivalent of 225% of its supply capacity, storage exceeding 100% is required to be progressively released through the floodgates to restore capacity to mitigate future flood events.

191% or 1+9+1=11 or 9/11

As of March 2012, 33 deaths have been attributed to the floods with a further 3 people still missing.

191% or 9/11 or simply 11 on the 11th of Jan 2011

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