Say Same Word

In the most terrible time of despair in my life back in the second half of 2010 the Father heard my cry and led me somehow to the writings of

Fear of tomorrow robs you of faith for today

When you read Jesus in the gospels you find a Man who is fearless. He was and is a Man just like us who can have compassion upon our weaknesses because He Himself was subjected to all the same things as we are. Yet in all His trials God was proven to be faithful through Jesus. His Continue Reading

No one is good but God

Famous quote by a famous guy: “No one is good but God” – Jesus The Christ If you want to be judged by God based upon what you have done in life then you are going to be very disappointed. Based upon your own goodness you will only find condemnation and an accusing finger….not from God for Continue Reading

Hey Christian you are NOT missing the mark

Hey Christian! You are not missing the mark Yes it is a controversial heading I have used it to get your attention. Is it true? Missing the mark as I wrote yesterday is what the Greek word/s harmatia(G266) from harmatano(G264) mean. Both have been translated as “sin” and “sins”. But both should really be mostly translated as “missing Continue Reading

The bloke up the road

As I drove by you stood at your door. Not really standing, but leaning…forlorn. Your head pressed against the brickwork, your feet wide apart. I could tell all was not right, I could feel your pained heart. Yet I had had a busy day and was speeding to get home, Whilst you had been on the drink Continue Reading

While world sleeps Oppression is coming

While the world sleeps the Oppressor is bringing his plan of total global slavery to fruition. The coronavirus LOCKDOWN is a big part of this plan. Jesus told us to watch and pray. Listen to this dear woman risking her life to WAKE YOU UP!! Governments are speaking through their official controlled mouthpieces-the Media – about Quarantining Continue Reading

A vacuum of self knowledge

Here are a couple of songs that address the vacuum of self knowledge that is a result of not connecting with the Lord Jesus as our inner Life. Busy-ness for God leaves us in a quandary with no inner compass. The Devil does not mind a busy church…what he fears is a church that knows who they Continue Reading

Allow Him to help you

As Christians we know that our heavenly Father God chastens us so we may share in His holiness. This chastening is not pleasant! All the things we go through, the pressures we are subjected to in daily life, whether through our choices or the choices of others around us are ultimately from our loving Father. Whether we Continue Reading

God’s care for you

Nearly a month ago I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to write a note for a Chinese national who manages an Avacado packing shed in our area. It was Sunday 29th December, I had to go to a certain Avocado farm to pick up the remaining empty fruit bins from them as they had finished packing Continue Reading

It’s not about right and wrong

Are you being caught up in all the polarising topics that the world media is pumping out incessantly? The Christian church is being set up and baited just as the Pharisees constantly tried to set Jesus up. Mat 12:10  and behold, a man having a withered hand. And they asked him, saying, Is it lawful to heal Continue Reading


Tenielle Neda Vanity: Time goes on You can chase it but it’s moving on If you listen you can hear its song Trying to reach you through the darkest night Money talks You can taste it it’ll take your life If you hold it to your heart too tight It’ll take away whatever it gained Save your Continue Reading

The just shall live by His faith

The days go by, the months and the years pass by quickly until we are aged and beginning to feel that way. Children grow up and leave and have their own children and…. We wonder where the dream God had planted in our hearts has gone. We wonder if we heard correctly. We battle doubts and fears Continue Reading

It’s hard not to give up when you feel like Job

Men only seek to die if they do not accept that they have already died on the Cross. If we refuse to agree with God and accept our ONE FINAL death inside of Christ on the Cross then we will only know TORMENT and seek to die. All of our past failures and mistakes, all our sins Continue Reading