Induced earthquake on 2/2

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Every quake on this map occurred at a depth of 10km except the one at Lake Muir, WA -2km depth.

At 16:28 local time Feb 1, 2019, a 4.4 quake was recorded near Carnarvon Western Australia at a depth of 10km. Upon looking at the recent quakes map at I discovered that all the quakes on the map except the one at Lake Muir were at a depth of 10km.

And in Indonesian waters a 6.1 quake occurred on 2/2/2019 also at a depth of 10km.

The news RT reports that when Lombok was hit last year by quakes 555 people died.

The island of Lombok was struck with a series of earthquakes in late summer, with August’s quake leaving 555 dead. Over 2,000 were killed in Sulawesi when it was hit with an earthquake and tsunami in September.

The country was also badly affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which left 120,000 dead

The number 555 as with the Krakatao volcano eruption and tsunami on Dec 22nd when 222 people were initially reported as killed is a number viewed as “mega death”. The use of triple numbers such 555 and 666 777 etc magnifies the strength of the death.

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