Covert ID 91 days or COVID-19 equals ID2020

WHO announced that the new virus would be called

COVID-19 –On FEB 11 or 2/11/2020(22/22)

Well… here is a possibility.

As these people love doing hidden things….COVERT THINGS…..and they want US TO ALL BE ID CHIPPED through tiny nano chips administered through the tip of a needle–a MANDATORY VACCINATION SYRINGE…..I have previously read many years ago that WWIII would last for 91 days….

Could -19 be their way of saying 91 days? That is what they do….31 is 13 backwards to these Satanic Bible readers, whose words are all backwards.

This so called novel virus was announced on 12/31/2019 [ seen as 3/13/39]

91 days from there is March 31st. or 3/13/2020(22)

91 is 7×13 which to the occultist gives them complete power in their rebellion against God. All laughable really.

13 weeks after the initial decalaration could see a new development to this story – possibly to do with their ID program.

ENTER:   ID2020…..which COVERT – ID 91(COVID-19) DAYS IS A TOOL OF

If you read between the lines ID2020 is an attempt to inject a DIGITAL ID into every person.

What better way to implement that than a fake VIRUS scare so that people will gladly take the shot containing their IDCHIPS.



The video below explains many things about 5G and the virus…see part 1 and  part 3 also on my sidebar or at bottom of page if you are on a mobile phone screen.




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