Charlie Hebdo a false flag

Once again the numbers in the story reveal that this is another false flag committed by agents of evil loyal to the New World Order…and not the accused Muslim extremists.


All the pictures I have seen clearly show the shooters as WHITE SKINNED MALES under the balaclava…..they DO NOT appear to be the accused brothers of Middle eastern Semitic descent.



Back in 2011 on 2/11

On 2nd November 2011 the offices of Charlie Hebdo were damaged by a fire-bomb. 2/11/11 is a powerful number for the elite planners to commit their acts of treason.

2/11 or 22 in the year 2011, or 22…which also gives a 44 signature. These multi 11 numbers are beast numbers –as is seen with the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

Then in 2015

the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices and a Jewish supermarket in Paris that killed 17 people and wounded 22

In January(7th) Charlie Hebdo was attacked.

Wikipedia gives the figures 17 and 22 making 39!

A series of rallies took place in cities across France on 10–11 January 2015 to honour the victims

Rallies took place on 1/10/15 —which gives an 11 signature and also 26(2×13) as 1+10+15=26

And the rallies the next day on the 11th as well…. another 11 and 26 signature, to the occultist planners of these attacks these numbers are important.

This attack is an attack on Freedom for sure….but not by Muslim extremists! This is another step towards totalitarianism by the Hidden hand with their trained assassins in Secret Services paid for by the Governments of this world.

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