The Lord says I am the Door

This post is me just poking around the edges of what it means for Jesus to be the Door. I am not able to preach fully what that means yet. As always I have no notes, I just open my mouth and begin. I had been thinking about the Door before going for a walk … Continue reading The Lord says I am the Door

Get through to your soul

Isaiah proclaimed in Chapter 62 10 Go through,Go through the gates!Prepare the way for the people;Build up,Build up the highway!Take out the stones,Lift up a banner for the peoples! When Jesus died for us he removed the dividing wall--the barrier between God and Man. He reconciled us to the Father so that there is no longer … Continue reading Get through to your soul

Enter and stay in God’s rest

I am going to write a bunch of blog posts on the REST of God and see what the Lord reveals. I will be throwing out many ideas and will attempt to expand and elaborate on them and how they apply to us and God. So I hope that these words on Rest will encourage … Continue reading Enter and stay in God’s rest

Grow where you are

Many in the church system think that God wants everyone to be a preacher or teacher or pastor and go to church regularly, not missing a meeting etc etc. Churchianity burns people out until they finally start to get real about their faith. I am not an advocate of any of that, though I once … Continue reading Grow where you are