Hezekiah’s Passover destroys the towers

In 2 Chron 30 we read that Judah celebrated Passover in the second month for 7 days and then for another 7 days. But the people were not ritually clean according to the Law so Hezekiah the King prayed to God believing that his prayer would be heard and that a God of grace would answer him Continue Reading

Why people believe the lie and reject the truth

The news video shows a respiratory nurse attending to a patient on a ventilator, but the patient is actually a dummy and not a human being. This is typical of the fake news merchants. But unfortunately because people want to be lied to they do not notice or even care that they are being lied to. Skip Continue Reading

ΝYC ΙCU DR with nothing to gain shares INCREDIBLE insight

This Doctor in Brooklyn says that the sickness ‘more resembles altitude sickness than viral pneumonia’. He does not make the link to 5G ….but The inability to get enough oxygen can also be caused by exposure to 60Ghz frequencies from 5G towers. He is onto something here and is risking his job and maybe more for questioning Continue Reading

Dr. Stefano Montanari, a nano-pathologist, on the Coronavirus

Interview with Dr. Stefano Montanari, a nano-pathologist who, for over twenty years, along with his wife, has researched nano-pathogens, the very minute illness-causing particles that typically float in the air of all crowded, polluted, highly trafficked, industrial cities, as well as factories. [For Italian speakers, the link to the original interview is at https://bit.ly/2UBuRX2 ] Translation: Jimmie Continue Reading

While we are locked down they are WEAPONISING the WIFI

In our small town in Western Australia I daily watched as Technicians  upgraded the Mobile cell and internet towers. I mentioned it to many people who didn’t think anything of it. Why would they? Today I heard a brother in the Lord Jesus reveal what is going on with this forced lockdown all around the world and Continue Reading

The numbers 11 and 13 appear again

All throughout 2019 I watched as false flag after false flag was carried out or reported on carrying the occult signature numbers of 11 and 13. See the list of events with the characteristic numbers 11, 22, 13, 26, 52, 33,44,55,[PDF LINK] Latest additions at bottom of page Doing these staged events according to their favourite numbers Continue Reading

While world sleeps Oppression is coming

While the world sleeps the Oppressor is bringing his plan of total global slavery to fruition. The coronavirus LOCKDOWN is a big part of this plan. Jesus told us to watch and pray. Listen to this dear woman risking her life to WAKE YOU UP!! Governments are speaking through their official controlled mouthpieces-the Media – about Quarantining Continue Reading

The Patriot 911 prior knowledge

When the original script for the movie “The Patriot” written by Robert Rodat was first submitted it did NOT contain the line which Mel Gibson(at least his voice)says as he weighs a wicker rocking chair. During the opening scenes as the credits are still rolling Gibson is in his work shed weighing a chair that he has Continue Reading

5G 4400

Organizations concerned about the health hazards of wireless radiation note that “Right now, you don’t have to live next to a cell tower….but once they have these [5G] cell antennas everywhere, you won’t be able to [move away].” Unfortunately, the “nowhere to hide” aspects of 5G are even more serious, because ground-based 5G systems will be supplemented Continue Reading

One World Government is the end goal

As many already understand the goal of the hidden puppet masters behind the visible institutions and politicians is a one world government and religion and economy. This is their goal. They have not given up on their ages old plan. At present we see sweeping the whole world a rise in Nationalism. This is the opposite of Continue Reading

Climate control

An annoying thing about Mercedes Benz cars from the late 80’s is that the Climate Control is constantly on…all the time!! The Engine control unit monitors the ambient temperature in the cabin and outside the cabin and commands the climate control to heat or cool the environment accordingly. My son has bought an old MB 1988 coupe Continue Reading