The trap is set

Okay I simply cannot help myself I must speak out about the craziness of all this. Once upon a time all the world was frightened into staying at home, indoors for 2 to 3 weeks. Then it was back to normal living…just like that. Celebrations were held because the evil that we all feared had been defeated. Continue Reading

Cant find COVID posts

You wont find those posts anymore. It is not profitable trying to awaken people at this stage. Instead i intend to spend energy on speaking the truth for only the Truth spoken in LOVE through Faith shall prevail. If however you really want one of the posts I had on here….contact me below and I shall send Continue Reading

Covert ID 91 days or COVID-19 equals ID2020

WHO announced that the new virus would be called COVID-19 –On FEB 11 or 2/11/2020(22/22) Well… here is a possibility. As these people love doing hidden things….COVERT THINGS…..and they want US TO ALL BE ID CHIPPED through tiny nano chips administered through the tip of a needle–a MANDATORY VACCINATION SYRINGE…..I have previously read many years ago that Continue Reading

While we are locked down they are WEAPONISING the WIFI

In our small town in Western Australia I daily watched as Technicians  upgraded the Mobile cell and internet towers. I mentioned it to many people who didn’t think anything of it. Why would they? Today I heard a brother in the Lord Jesus reveal what is going on with this forced lockdown all around the world and Continue Reading

The numbers 11 and 13 appear again

All throughout 2019 I watched as false flag after false flag was carried out or reported on carrying the occult signature numbers of 11 and 13. See the list of events with the characteristic numbers 11, 22, 13, 26, 52, 33,44,55,[PDF LINK] etc….All important to the occult planners to get success from dark forces. Seriously! They believe Continue Reading

While world sleeps Oppression is coming

While the world sleeps the Oppressor is bringing his plan of total global slavery to fruition. The coronavirus LOCKDOWN is a big part of this plan. Jesus told us to watch and pray. Listen to this dear woman risking her life to WAKE YOU UP!! Governments are speaking through their official controlled mouthpieces-the Media – about Quarantining Continue Reading

Giants in the Land: shock and awe

From the enemy’s perspective he does care if some people believe or that some people are aware of what he is doing. He does not care if a minority of people resist him. It is the majority that he is interested in deceiving. Two thousand years ago multitudes followed Jesus but only a minority believed and were Continue Reading

Giants in the land

When Joshua and Caleb returned from spying out the land they said in faith “We are well able to take the land”. But the other 10 leaders who went on the spying mission gave a bad report saying we definitely are not able to arise against these people for they are stronger than we are. They had Continue Reading

Accursed things in the home

The following story is from a long diary type article I wrote about my ministry trip to Uganda in 2008. In it I talk about a Balinese religious(Hindu)mask that I tangled with and what happened. I worked in the Fisheries Department for the Western Australian Government. This job took me out to sea on patrol boats up and Continue Reading