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Comet Neowise’ July appearance

C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) or Comet NEOWISE A few weeks ago I asked a prophetic friend whether he thought this comet meant anything special since it has a long orbit of 7,000 years? He said he had no specific revelation about it.   This long orbit comet passed over the southern hemisphere on 26th July 2020 […]

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Red chute alien ship crashes in background

In the foreground on the TV screen was the current crisis with sick people being attended to then suddenly in the background appeared a spaceship streaking low across the partly cloudy day lit sky. It was briefly seen above the buildings behind the foreground scene, a classic flying saucer shape, before it began trailing smoke […]

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Dr Fauci vs Real Science

The video of the group of doctors who came to Washington to show how HCQ was very effective in their own practices, apparently has become so popular—in spite of YouTube’s attempts to censor it—that Dr. Fauci was compelled to “dismiss it as a bunch of people spouting something that isn’t true.” Anthony Fauci dismissed […]

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The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine says the LORD

There is a headlong rush beginning as masses of frightened people begin to hear that paper money shall soon be no more. There is a rush to buy silver and gold and other hard assets that are considered to be safe havens in difficult and uncertain times. Yet over and over again the LORD of […]

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