44 Killed in India Pak says not us

Thursday 14th February 2019 a car bomb explodes and kills at least 44 Indians.The term “At least” is used –meaning it could be less or more…but hey! As long as we broadcast one of our favourite numbers–that being 22,33,44 etc we are achieving a goal.

Just the number in the report is enough to point a finger at the Secret Services for another false flag this time to blame Pakistan for something they did not do.

An Islamist group called Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is aligned to Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility.

India blamed Pakistan, but it denied any involvement.


Any time you see a so called Islamist group claiming responsibility and it is linked to Al Qaeda you know you are looking at a False flag. The CIA trained and supported Al Qaeda as they have done with ISIS. These groups are simply another fighting force of the US war mongers.

Immediately before any proof is offered as with Syrian gas attacks, the Indian Premiere is on a war footing accusing Pakistan. Just like 9/11 when we were all immediately told it was done by Arab high jackers loyal to Bin Laden. Oh, it must be true then!?

44 dead….that is sad, if indeed there were 44 victims and not a number strategically told to be placed in the media story.

The US singled out Pakistan in its statement condemning the attack


So here we go again…another theatre of war for the US weapons factories.

What shall we see next….a false flag against America blamed on Pakistan? Then the wholesale bombing and takeover of Pakistan to be divided up as Syria has been? The 44 number shows their hands are all over this story. The immediate response and blaming by Modi and Trump also shows this was a planned event.

David Bay from cuttingedge.org has been warning for years that the Club of Rome has drawn up plans to unite the nations into 10 blocks.



Pakistan and India are to be ONE block together in the new world order. Thus any fighting and wars are for the purpose of doing away with the borders and differences and forcing the two to come together.

Thus extremists must be crushed and defeated.


Notice Pakistan, Afghanistan, India are all joined into ONE block with the rest of South East Asia

Thus this latest story–which broadcasts AT LEAST 44 KILLED…is a sign that the Elite , ie Club of Rome CIA etc are behind the killings and are working to bring about this goal.

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