Marked with Luciferase

One big reason why you should consider being baptized into the Holy Spirit

hey how are you? it’s the 19th of September 2023. so have you considered that within those shots that were put into your arm beginning 2021

that within the formula was a bio metric marker, a luminescent marker, a biological marker, that has marked you and tagged you and flagged you on the inside at the cellular level? Have you considered that  millions of Christians are waiting for what they call the mark of the beast to be rolled out talk about it as if it hasn’t happened. If you’re a farmer you have to tag all of your cattle with a chip you have to chip them you have to put a thing in their ear but you also have to chip them. An identity tag so that everything about that animal from birth to the plate is recorded. The data is recorded against that animal and against that number that identifies that animal… and let me tell, you that human beings are just part of the big Animal Farm that  The Elite are running.

Everyone is worried about identity cards and um all sorts of outward things but when that program was rolled out beginning on the winter solstice 2020, 21st of December,

it was to chip, it was, sorry not chipped you, it was to Mark you in your DNA with a luminescent luciferase compound that effectively identifies you

and numbers you. You have been flagged and tagged you have received the mark.

Revelation 13 says he causes all those rich and poor free and slave small and great to receive a mark in their right hand in their forehead..whose names are not written…He causes all the receive a  mark? Do you think he fights fairly? A luciferase compound is.. it’s called M-neon green. M-neon green. It comes from a shellfish and it’s, it’s like a  bio-luminescent marker used in gene editing… in the crispr system of Gene editing, the bioluminescent marker is fused together with a protein in us in a strand of RNA and it’s Incorporated with particular genes that they want to add into the animal. and that luminescent marker is part of that chain and it identifies under a certain handheld scanners [Music] that can read frequencies because every color has a frequency and M neon green is the preferred one in these concoctions that were put into our arms and at the cellular level even at the DNA level mNeonGreen is seen by these scanners gives off its own frequency.

and so you have been marked with a thing called Lucifer Ace luciferase compound it’s his name. [Music] and that Mark is at the cellular level as I said [Music]. so when they begin to say we’re going to uh bring in the digital currency [Music] we’re going to bring in a digital identity as they’ve just said on the 9th of September at the G20 meeting they do that they say that because the groundwork has already been done

almost all people have received the mark


it’s readily seen under scanners… green [Music]

and that will enable you to be a part of the digital [Music] economy or if you have not got it you will be barred from the digital economy.

it’s nothing to do with fighting any sickness rather it was to flag you and tag you and Mark you going forward to be part of the economy [Music] so if you’re a Christian.. you’re a Believer.. and you submitted to that as most did,.. they felt they had no choice [Music]. if you’ve submitted to that and you’ve received the M neon green the luciferase compound in your DNA don’t fret because that doesn’t mean you worship the Beast [Music] even though you’ve had to take the mark [Music] if it is the mark, but it certainly is a mark, whether it’s the one spoken of in Revelation 13 or not I don’t know, but to me it is.

but never mind… you don’t worship the Beast right? but it’s going to be awfully difficult not to because of the technology that has been placed in, put in place, with the microwave frequency 5G that [Music] Works in with the graphene particles, the metals that have been put into you,,,

to build an antenna to receive signals from the enemy, to put internalized thoughts into your mind, and basically to cause you to worship the Beast. The only answer is to be immersed into the Holy Spirit [Music] and to give your life completely to Jesus Christ [Music] because he will strengthen you from the inside out against these external thoughts being injected directly into your brain via the 5G so, sound crazy? that’s okay, I’ve got to warn you. you’re looking for a future Mark? you’ve already been marked with Lucifer’s name on the inside through that thing that was put in your arm.

Michael Yeadon 10 years the vice president of research(for Pfizer)revealed this little bit of information in a petition that he and Wolfgang Wodorg submitted to the European medicines agency on the 1st of December 2020 to try to get them to Halt the rollout of these mRNA Technologies of course they didn’t even read it they didn’t reply in a way ahead it went [Music] so [Music]

Click to access Wodarg_Yeadon_EMA_Petition_Pfizer_Trial_FINAL_01DEC2020_EN_unsigned_with_Exhibits.pdf

Do not love the world or the things in the world and this is all part of it this is how he has everybody by the short and curlies

the lust of the flesh, pride of life, the lust of the eyes, and the desires for other things, that choke out the word of God -Jesus, and open us up to receive of the world… now you are not of the world, but you are of God Little Children, even though you may have received luciferase into your body, your spirit belongs to God, and your soul needs to be immersed into the Holy Spirit [Music] to give you the strength to stand in the day of trouble.. because it is about to get a whole lot worse with the rollout of their next phase of their plan [Music].

Dr Michael Yeadon – Vice President of Research at Pfizer for 10 years wrote in a December 2020 Petition to the European Medicines Agency ….

“Pfizer/BioNTech is also inserting an ingredient derived from a marine invertebrate, mNeonGreen, into it’s vaccine. The ingredient has bioluminescent qualities, making it attractive for medical imaging purposes, but it is unclear why an injected vaccine would need to have that quality.” link to whole petition above.













































In the Graphic above of a TALEN gene edit design I want to draw your attention to the role mNeonGreen plays. The green rectangle above with GFP

which stands for “Green Florescent Protein” is mNeonGreen fused with a protein of choice by the designers. They knock out a targeted gene and knock in the selection MARKER.

Consider that Dr Yeadon exposed the fact that this bioluminescent marker is in the injected vaccines. Consider also that he asks the question WHY?

There is NO NEED for this marker if it was truly a vaccine they are administering. But if they are tinkering with genes in the human…or simply want to insert a locatable marker for future use ….then it makes sense.

Dr David Baltimore in a March 10, 2015 interview published on the New York times website said that

“Some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their DNA even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease”





















Scanning devices to detect barcoded pathogens….guess what MARKER they rely upon? LUCIFERASE- MNEONGREEN!

Okay so this is stated to be applicable to pathogen detection….But think laterally…the same MARK technology can be used for financial and ID purposes.

The Patent below shows that they can insert barcodes into strands of DNA. The markers are pictured in the dark photo images…and portrayed as barcode spectrums from their individual colour frequencies. Red, Yellow and Green biomarkers were used in this.



“The device can analyse multiple targets of interest simultaneously in minutes and is applicable to detection of pathogens”

Below: A List of DNA sequences and their corresponding BARCODES!!























From the Glossary on this Patent we see another paper by Giri in 2011 that involves:





Realise that it is not a long shot to link this technology with rapid screening of GENETIC BIOMARKERS to your financial currency use.

A Genetic biomark?

Yes! You are marked in your DNA with a LUCIFERASE BIOMARKER as mNeonGreen is in the “non-vaccines”.

Adverse reactions to these non vaccines were and still are insane. Below just Astra Zeneca alone after just 6 or 7 months of use in the EU caused tens of thousands of serious side effects and deaths…Serious is defined by the EU SITE AS : Results in Death; is life threatening; requires hospitalisation or prolongation of existing hospitalisation; results in persistent or significant disability/incapacity; etc see quote below under graph.

But as you can see by the graphic below from the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM-(WEF) site VACCINATION is a crucial part of bringing in the GREAT RESET –AKA NEW WORLD ORDER.

But please remember they are NON vaccines—it is simply a convenient way to put a mark in the population and also other things such as nano graphene particles.

Notice their contingency plans for those who are HESITANT to RECEIVE THE MARK VACCINES…

If you do not get on board with the vaccination program you will NOT BE ABLE TO ENJOY:

THE GREAT RESET…a new world financial system involving the fusing together of human biology and artificial intelligence.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we create, exchange, and distribute value.(the economy,. mine) It is a technological shift merging our physical, digital, and biological worlds into one. The fast-developing technologies pushing it forward, such as artificial intelligence, genome editing, augmented reality, robotics, and 3-D printing, are promising smart solutions for intractable challenges. SOURCE


Just that first point: The Great Reset with it’s core pillar – what WEF President Klaus Schwab calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” 

is monstrous enough!! They are admitting that in ORDER TO MERGE YOUR BIOLOGY WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE YOU MUST RECEIVE REGULAR SO CALLED VACCINES. Why? So they can merge your brain with AI….

The non vaccines all have been found to contain loads of graphene particles. This nano size material is used to build switches and electrical relays inside the human body- specifically inside the skull!! DARPA have funded this for years to merge man with machine to create super soldiers. But it is not good as these arrogant leaders want obedient slaves…thus they seek to OVERRIDE your free will and cause make you obey through sending controlling messages to your brain via microwave frequencies aimed at the switches in your head which will all be linked to the Network.

What Dictator would not love this!!

Notice the other subtitles linked to vaccine hesitancy.

‘Media Entertainment and culture’ – No entry to any of these events or gatherings – locked out.

“Future of health and healthcare” – no vaccine? = no healthcare.

“Global Risks” – You will be deemed a risk to all the vaccinated people.

“Values” – You are hesitant? What a selfish person you are!! What sort of values do you have loser!?

Global Health – You must comply buddy!

Civic Participation= hahahha NONE!

Leadership – you cannot be in leadership…AND ALSO leadership will rise above you to crush you.

Mental Health – You will be thrown in the loony bin for disagreeing.

This is what WEF has on its site today 20 Sept 2023

In the past few decades, morbidity and mortality attributable to vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, and polio have dramatically declined as immunization coverage increased – especially in countries with routine vaccination programs. However, global vaccine uptake has stagnated as misinformation and anti-vaccination propaganda have spread. Now, amid efforts to vaccinate populations against COVID-19 as swiftly as possible, technology giants are under pressure to remove harmful associated distortions and inaccuracies from their platforms.

If you are asleep to all this — WAKE UP…Call upon Jesus Christ to save you now!! This is why I said in a recent preach that millions of Christians who refuse to enter into the BAPTISM in the Holy Spirit shall soon be dead/perish.


Repent!! Turn towards Jesus and receive Him….ask Him to immerse you into the Holy Spirit.

Video below?

A man scrolled through comments on a FACEBOOK page run by a TV station in 2021 that was asking for testimonies of people suffering from COVID – instead they received loads of stories from people who were negatively impacted by the NON vaccines.

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