I stand at the door

I am driving a B/Double- two trailers behind a Prime Mover, three and a half hours to deliver perishable goods and then three and a half hours back to the city of Perth.

I cannot get away from the lord speaking to me about The Door. This realisation of going through the door has been with me for days now.

And as I drive on this long trip I am listening to the book “Knowing Jesus as he really is” chapter 5 part 2 and have had to pause it to preach this first.

He says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock”  and in James James wrote about judging our brethren and he said “Beware brethren the judge stands at the door”…Rev 3:20 & James 5:9

I preached in the last message about the sheep race and how pressure and circumstances bring us to each of the doors in our life experience with Jesus so we come to a decision because:

You can stand in front of a door all day but the decision must be made whether you go through the door or turn away.

Within my heart I sense very strongly the lord saying that if I go through the door and give him permission to come through that door into me that things will never be the same again. That once I enter in to that broad place of rivers and Streams in my understanding and in my permission that the inflow of the things of the Lord will be overwhelming at first and life changing.

Please understand that what I am saying here is only my gut feeling. I’m speaking out of my spirit though my head doesn’t have a clue really about what I am saying, I’m actually speaking this into my phone as I drive and it is typing it.

You see ‘there is a way that seems right to a man but it leads to death’ I spoke about that in one of the previous messages in the last post I wrote ‘there is a way that seems right to a man’ and so Jesus calls us to walk his way, his way is to lay down his life, and we know that we only have one life. The Life of Jesus is the only life we have in reality.

The life we need to lay down is this false life, this imagined life that we have been trying to build and to prop up as something real.

Years ago a visiting preacher prophesied over me. He was from the USA, never met him before, he didn’t know me and he said: “Oh man of God there has been a Rebellion.. You have wanted to go your way and I want you to go my way and we have clashed” the prophet said. He said “That the day will come when you will go my way.”

But the way into the holiest has been opened for us. That new and living way which was opened up for us through the veil that is Jesus’ flesh.. and so I have not understood many things about following the Lord and to be in the right way with him.

So I am beginning to understand in my head the truth of where I am and yet the cost of it is being laid upon me upon some part of me, and I see that there is indeed a cost to live inside the holy of holies which is where I really am.

Getting to the Main Point

You see, you can understand many things with your head, with your intellect, but not really commit to it. I understand coming through the Gate – being born again. I understand going through the Door and being immersed into the spirit of God. I understand going in through the Veil and being seated on the Mercy seat. Yet committing to that, surrendering in that,  being inside of Jesus only,  that is the decision! That is the groaning that I feel inside.

I want with all my heart to follow Jesus and to be conformed to him and I will live inside of all that is God.

I am not content just to be able to understand these things and He is not content with that for me either.

I feel that He is telling me,

“Son once you commit there will be no turning back because the way back will be removed.”

Of course my answer is: “Yes Lord do whatever you want. I am willing because you are willing in me.”

There is more I must share! (I asked Him and he said so)…

You can know about living inside the holy of holies and yet not know anything in reality.

The lord said “I am the door to the Sheep fold all those who came before me were thieves and robbers” he spoke of those who “climb up some other way” as I shared in the previous  post.

And that other way is to go the way of head knowledge, the intellect, and not have a heart relationship with the Lord Jesus. So with your head you go through all those doors and you say the words of one who lives inside the holy of holies… but your heart is far from the Lord just as he said…

‘ With their lips they draw near to me but their hearts are far from me.’ Isa 29:13

And this is the burden he is laying upon me today.

“Give me your heart son! Not just your head! Give me your heart and I will transform you and take you in to where you already live.”

Pray this out loud with me

“I give you my heart Lord – You can have it! You already possess it…It is yours Lord Jesus.. with all that I am: all my failures; all my disappointments; all of my pride; all of my self-exultation in knowing things; all of my superiority; all of the contempt that I hold for others because of their lack of knowledge.  Jesus I’m so sorry for withholding my heart from You and for despising You… I have not wanted to be like You … meek and lowly of heart. I’ve been afraid to be like that! I give you all of this Jesus… I put it all into You and You carry me even as I am. Live through me – a new creation– make me brand new– even as you promise— and even as you have!”

This is the book I have been listening to below by Daniel Yordy



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