Don’t let your heart die

In the last days knowledge will increase more and more(Dan 12:4) and yet the heart’s of many will fail them (Luke 21:26)



hey it’s uh 3:35 p.m. Western Standard Time on the 12th of September 2023 I just finished preaching a word into my phone which Google TR Google um typed out for me and I posted it on my blog read it… it’s called ‘the Lord he’s standing at the door’  something like that.

And afterwards the Lord quickened to me a couple of things that I want to briefly share with you. You know that in the end days, in the end times, whatever that means! That knowledge will abound, knowledge will abound, I think it’s in Daniel somewhere, knowledge will abound and we’re certainly living in those days when incredible wealth of academic knowledge and all kinds of knowledge is at our fingertips. We know that knowledge puffs up, puffs up,… but love edifies right. Love does us good- love does other people good… knowledge, knowledge just puffs us up and it tends to make us rise up above others when we have knowledge unless we are rooted and grounded in love.

Knowledge can be a weapon that we beat people with and make ourselves superior over others with, and so in the end days knowledge will increase more and more, but also in the end days Jesus tells us in Luke 21, I believe, where… where he.. he says that “men’s Hearts will be failing them because of the things coming upon upon the earth.” I believe it says “men’s Hearts failing them for fear” but the way the Lord quickened it to me was knowledge will increase and men’s Hearts will fail them… and I believe those two things are related in that knowledge, knowledge kills us whereas love builds us up,, and our hearts need love our hearts need building up.

Our hearts need nurturing. Our hearts so much need the love of the Lord personally from him within ourself. Our hearts need tenderizing not pulverizing from those who would give us knowledge, and even within ourself, there’s a temptation because knowledge is abounding and increasing to go that way, and to increase our store of knowledge in all kinds of things and to neglect the heart and so men’s Hearts fail them in the these days for fear. Yes because they do not know the Lord.. that the knowledge of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom… the knowledge of the Lord… and because men are bereft of the knowledge of the Lord, because people do not know the love of God the Father Who carries them. who lives inside of them. who Bears them up from conception. who loves them intimately… because we don’t know him and we lean on knowledge our hearts fail us.

In Scripture that term uh “your heart failing you” it speaks about discouragement, it speaks about depression, it speaks about being in despair and when your heart is in that place it’s a a terrible terrible heavy place to be and I want to share with you that you need to only have one kind of knowledge really.

You know God has chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith… and Jesus said “blessed are you poor for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven”. the poor in spirit, those who are not seeking after intellectual knowledge but are walking by their heart are truly the rich ones in the earth, and they are a rare gem, and yet this is what Jesus is, Jesus meek and lowly of heart, yes he has all knowledge but it comes through his meekness and his lowliness and it edifies and lifts up and it does us good! It does our heart good to sit at the feet of our Jesus and not lecture him, and not tell him, but to sit at the feet of Jesus with our mouth shut, and our hearts open, and hear the heartbeat of Jesus, the meek and lowly one.

So if your heart is failing you, if you are discouraged and in despair all you need to do is sit at the feet of Jesus,.. Jesus… and speak honestly to him about where you’re at… and just wait in his presence as he embraces you, as he fills you with his love for you… Be filled! “Be being filled” Paul said in Ephesians 5.. “be being filled” with the Holy Spirit. There’s never enough, there’s always more! Don’t let your heart die friend… don’t let your heart be neglected… Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus in your heart and hear him today… turn off the intellectual knowledge that you’ve been plugged into …turn it off and just come and sit and bathe in Jesus.

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