Two Doors

I wrote the following on FB and then decided to put it here instead

The Media’s role is to cause you to take a side in every matter- for and against..Thus they are an outgrowth of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which if one eats from it will surely DIE. God offers us Heart Life through an inner relationship with Himself that promises to be rivers of living water bubbling up from within you and total soul satisfaction forever. To enter into this Life one must TURN AWAY from the Two Sides/Good and Evil and EAT ONLY JESUS CHRIST.

Think of the TWO TREES in the Garden as TWO DOORS.

If you go through a door you enter into another room or space. The door is the place you leave one state and enter into another. If you choose to go into the door of the knowing of good and evil you will be constantly surrounded in your mind by the arguments of good and evil or right and wrong.

That door leads you into a place of torment – an internal conflict of self judgement – death.

This way of living is cultivated by our parents who are also prisoners of this mechanism even if they were Christians. I say that because I believe that there are hardly any who have ever walked only in Life. I suspect that most all of us walk according to the knowing of good and evil and know very little of Life even though that is actually where we live constantly.

Colin Hay sings of this internal battle put upon us by well meaning parents who were also prisoners of the tree of death.

Mankind since the Garden has camped outside the Door of Life refusing to enter in choosing rather to argue outside about what is right and what is wrong with God, self, people, our current situation.

We imagine that God sits upon a throne expecting us to be good or else so we imagine that it is up to us to FIX things…so we see the wrong and the right and set about to FIX IT. This is how we view everything and everyone.

You are wrong brother…let me fix you.

Your view of God is wrong…mine is right!

But not only do we do that to others we also mostly do it internally to ourself. I am right I am wrong….”There’s something wrong with me!”!!

Living in that place is torment as I said..and it all depends upon us doing good and not doing bad every moment of every day. It is to live in condemnation.

As Christians we have been born again and had our sins washed away….but the Accuser makes sure we remember every one of them…though God does not. What Satan wants you to do is remember your failures every day and to TRY to stop yourself from being bad today.

Satan is the Accuser – He seeks to keep you a prisoner by those accusations. He is very successful at it! Most Christians call  themselves “sinners saved by grace” which only shows they do not believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thus we reject Jesus’ sacrifice for us and instead we try hard to be good for God by correct behaviour and beating on ourselves for our daily failures. We become cut off from grace, estranged from Christ by this self effort on our part. Yet Father has not left us–He quietly resides within the heart waiting for you to get exhausted and desperate enough to get your attention.

Paul illustrated this perfectly in his letter to the Romans when he spoke of his battle to defeat sin in his own strength.

Rom 7:19 For the good that I want to do, I don’t; but what I don’t want to do, this evil I keep on doing. 20 If, then, I do what I do not want to do, it’s not me doing it, but sin, that is, disconnection from God, dwelling inside of me.

21 So I find the practice, that, in spite of my desiring to do good, evil is right there alongside of me {the tree of the knowledge of good AND evil}. 22 For I delight in the law of God according to the inward person. 23 I see, however, another practice inside my members, warring against the practice of my mind, and making me captive as a prisoner of war to the practice of falling short existing in my members. 24 Oh me, oh my, I am a wretched man! Who will draw me [to Himself] out of this body of death?  25 Grace and thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

It is almost like God comes to us while we are prisoners living in that room full of trouble…the room we entered into through the Door –a room of trying to do good and not do bad. And God shows us another Tree to eat from…one on which Christ died…where all the work has been done.

We can enter in through THE DOOR into LIFE if we simply believe that Jesus Christ is living in our hearts by faith. We believe that He has taken away sin and “our falling short” as Daniel Yordy translates sin above…and live in His righteousness.

We were united together in Jesus death…in the same way we are now united together with Jesus in His life! Jesus took all that was of that old man into death–it is finished! We were crucified with Christ

Jesus now lives unto God in true holiness(devotion)and righteousness(union) and thus so do we because we are one with Him.

This is the place we want to(consciously) live–we already do live there in actual spiritual reality…but have to come to see it and embrace it and say it is so in faith.

To come out of that place of torment requires us to come to the end of our efforts and admit to God that we can never please Him..NEVER!! Only then can we be shown the Door to life again…only then will we get  a glimpse of it…IT IS JESUS HIMSELF.

We have to leave behind all self effort in order to come to Jesus…if we still imagine we must be good enough then we will be only pretending to need Jesus…and pretty quickly fall back away from him in our imagination.

So once again we will have to come to the end of our trying to be good..and not bad ….before we get another chance to enter into heart rest by His faith.


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