You are one with Him

Before every major awakening in our own lives there must come the realisation that we cannot do it on our own. From that humble position we ask Jesus to do it. We are so used to being able to figure things out…to do the works –but God will ensure that our efforts go nowhere until we cry to Him to show us, to open our eyes, to reveal Himself, to uncover the tares we have in our minds that have stopped us from going forward….to fill in the gaps of essential understanding of the Way of the Lord….these things ONLY Father can do for us…but He waits for our permission…DO IT LORD..OH PLEASE TAKE ME ON WITH YOU…that I might HIM and the power of His resurrection life!

‘The old is passed away behold the new has come’—I was crucified with Christ–it is no longer I that live–the old man was done away with—Christ now lives in me–he that is joined to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT with Him…set your mind on things above(spiritual reality)–Christ who is our life appears…for we have this treasure in earthen vessels, being sharers in the divine nature….conformed or symmorphosed together with Jesus so that we are as He is in this world….the life I now live in the body(flesh)is Christ now living with me, and even AS me–for the two have become one flesh even as it is written…Together Jesus and I live in this body by HIS FAITH –the faith of the son of God, who loved me and gave Himself–exchanged Himself for me….so that now I live inside Father and He lives inside me – FULLY–For in Jesus dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily–and this same Jesus dwells is us –so that we are complete in Him. I do not try to serve Him..for that old I died. I rest in the certain knowledge that I please God just being me…I do not even judge myself by that old standard for Christ Jesus is my only righteousness and nature…..Christ is being formed in us only as we believe these things that were revealed to Paul. Things that the natural mind calls heresy. For when we see it we cease from our works….and simply believe the Good news that me being me is Jesus being Himself!! Yes weak, failing me. Jesus carries my weaknesses as He lives within me…He is merged together as one with me…so that what is revealed by me being me is God revealed. This is living in the Holy of Holies where in all reality we actually are dwelling. The religious mindset hates this kind of talk because it must do things to show itself that it is something to be respected….some people came to Jesus wanting to know what they should do to be able to do God works — and Jesus told them to believe in Him. John 6:28,29….they thought Jesus had been in training to be able to do the miracles and healings He did…they wanted to know how he did it…..they did not see that THE FATHER dwells as one inside the son and that it is father and Jesus together doing the works AS JESUS BELIEVED in all confidence that it is so. Jesus could do nothing of HImself…he dwells inside Father and FAther dwells inside Jesus….to see Jesus is to see Father…for no one can see God…but we see Jesus!! made a little lower than elohim….No one sees God…but we see you  and when we see you,… and we are seeing God revealed as you. Is that blasphemy? No it is the whole purpose of God that we would come to know Him inside of us and rest back into Jesus who forever joins us to Father in every moment — no matter how we feel, what we have done and have not done…we are one even as you Father are in Me and I in You so they would be one as we are…Jn 17…Jn 14:20.

“No one has seen or looked upon God, ever, at any time. The Only-Seed of God, existing inside of the bosom of the Father, He has made [an invisible] God known [He is the way or the narration, through which God is known]” John 1:18 Jesus Secret Version[draft]
And so we say the same!!
No one has seen Father at ANY TIME EVER!! The son reveals Him…and WHERE IS THAT SON NOW? IN YOU!! Jesus HIMSELF lives in your heart through faith.
HE IS STILL REVEALING FATHER –BUT NOW IT IS YOU THAT THEY SEE—-YOU ARE THE VISIBLE MANIFESTATION OF GOD IN THE FLESH. Dare to believe it and I double dare you to say it out loud to yourself.

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