What is your mindset?


CLV 3:14 And, according as Moses exalts the serpent in the wilderness, thus must the Son of Mankind be exalted, 15 that everyone believing on Him ***should not be perishing***, but may ***be having life eonian***.” 16 For thus God ***loves the world***, so that ***He gives*** His only-begotten Son, that ***everyone who is believing in Him*** should not be perishing***, but may***be having life eonian***.”Concordant Literal Version.

PERISHING is a condition of INWARD ALIENATION from God…You know it often in your soul…even though you call yourself a Christian! You also know that as soon as you BELIEVE AGAIN that Jesus is with you, that He has already saved you, has already accepted you totally….as soon as you believe this and SPEAK IT OUT LOUD…..the PERISHING CEASES!
PERISHING is whenever you do not look unto Jesus –‘the serpent on the pole’ as your PRESENT CONNECTION WITH GOD.
PERISHING is when you try by some other method to please God other than turning FULLY TO JESUS WITH YOUR INNER GAZE.
God is giving His son to you CONSTANTLY by His spirit.
When some human gives you a thing – we take it from them and put it in a drawer perhaps and forget about it, though we know that it is now ours.
Perhaps we wear it on our finger or around our neck daily as a reminder in some way.
But when God gives – he does not give as the world gives- a physical locked in time thing – but He gives spiritual things- not subject to time or space.
He gives His SON!!! The Son who is not subject to time or space!!
This son of God is Jesus — who is constantly…always..permanently…BEING GIVEN TO YOU….
Not as the world gives–My son of peace I give unto you!
To be your peace
To be your very inner life
To be your spirit!!
He – Jesus – is the only life you ARE..
Because you died on that cross
Now He lives inside you
Joined as one with your spirit
and the Life that you now live is Christ Jesus living as you.

PERISHING would be to NOT BELIEVE that Jesus is your very inner self. Instead PERISHING says

“No! I am my own person who is responsible to live a pleasing life FOR GOD.”

Thus PERISHING is to live separated in your mind from this Jesus who is your true life and to try to establish your own life and identity APART FROM HIM… FOR Him.

That is a rejection of Jesus as Life–something we Christians do all the time!

The mindset of PERISHING is to imagine you must LIVE FOR GOD.
The mindset of Life eonian is full acceptance of JESUS WHO IS GIVEN TO YOU to be YOUR INNER SELF.

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