Get through to your soul

Isaiah proclaimed in Chapter 62

10 Go through,
Go through the gates!

Prepare the way for the people;
Build up,
Build up the highway!
Take out the stones,
Lift up a banner for the peoples!

When Jesus died for us he removed the dividing wall–the barrier between God and Man. He reconciled us to the Father so that there is no longer any separation between us.

Yet even though that is the case we still have times where we need to break through hardness of heart in our soul.

The enemy can really condemn and crush us as you’re probably aware and I just want to encourage you today to receive the love that the father has for you… you know it’s one thing to know that ‘God loves you’ but the receiving of that love is sometimes hard.

Sometimes it seems that there’s a barrier inside of us it’s like an unbelief that we don’t really believe that God loves us so there’s some kind of wall that comes up whenever we hear that “God loves you” phrase.

It comes up internally and you know people will be quick to say,

‘Yeah I know God loves me but…’ or ‘I know that! ‘

So the problem is not mentally knowing that God loves you the problem is in receiving his love for you isn’t it?

You know we’re all the same, I have that problem frequently and so I just want to encourage you to receive his love and this is one way that you can receive his love – by acknowledging his love for you personally.

Look! It is simply impossible to love others as God would UNLESS WE FIRST LOVE OURSELVES AS GOD LOVES US.

You cannot give out what you do not have.

The way the Lord has led me to do that is just to say quietly to your soul…..

Father you love me… Father you love me! Father you care for me… You delight in me Father and I receive your care for me… Father you care for me so much… You love me so much.. and I receive your love for me… and I agree Lord — I love me too…I love Dennis you say your name… So father I thank you that you love _________ that you love me today— I receive it Lord—– I cease from my own works of trying to please you —–and I thank you that you love me just as I am ——you delight in me—– you dance over me—– you rejoice over me —–Father I am your child —–You call me son —-(or) You call me daughter – You call me your own. You are pleased with me! —

Repeat this deliberately and directly to God and your soul….even in the mirror!

Just continue in that vein receiving his love into you, past the barrier, into the deep places of your soul.

What you are doing is speaking from your true spirit self to your soul. Your words are life and truth.

Speak to your soul speak to your soul like David did.

Ps 42:5,11

David encouraged his soul — “Oh my soul why art thou disquieted within me?? Hope in God the help of my countenance and my God!

God is a very present help friend. He is right there inside of you and you have the ability in God and the grace to acknowledge his presence with you right now.


Father you are present with me…. always present with me… Father in my weakest moments you are present… when I’m feeling lost and separated from You…. You are present! And therefore I am present with you Father.. right now… Thank you Father that You call me your own and I can rest ….and do rest in You.

Bless you

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