Be seen or be unseen

Our Lord Jesus taught that we should not fast to be seen by men. Also we should not be seen praying in public. Same as giving charity…it should all be done in the secret place.

Yet His sayings go unheard.

Religion is a fashion parade for the flesh.

You have 24×7 online prayer meetings such as what IHOP do. Is it just me that thinks the flesh would jump at the chance to be seen by men to be praying on Youtube?

By Jesus own sayings such meetings would not happen.

He also said that we should not promise God or anyone else that we will do anything. Again it is ignored.

People promise to follow Jesus in every meeting! As I have written before this is a joke. No one of themselves can do anything for God….but hey.. we all try don’t we.

He actually said this practise of promising God is from the Devil. Why would that be?


The one who said I will be like God! I will set my throne above…etc is the one who wants to be seen to be like God….for he imagines God to be like him…insecure.

One who is insecure must be seen….one who is secure can be hidden.

Thus what is the true nature of most Christian ministry today?


And don’t worry…Jesus preaches to me first. He told me in a matter of fact way a few months ago…with no condemnation…”Everything you do you do to be seen by men.”

I heard it in my spirit.

At first I thought God was giving me a word to preach to others. Then I heard it again…

Everything you do

You do to be seen

By men.

I thought “You know what Lord…that is so true of me!”

God will deal with that in us. Wilderness time…obscurity….no likes….no follows….no invites….no friends….barrenness!

And it aint the Devil….he would gladly promote you for he sees something of himself in your ambition to be “used by Gaawwd”.

What the Devil sees is this desire to rise above others….to rule over…to be called Teacher….Reverend…Pastor….Apostle. To be seen by men as YOU want them to see you.

I am weak to the point of ridicule. God keeps allowing me to taste how weak, mortal and useless I really am…all with no condemnation. It is just simply the true nature of things.

The tendency of religious flesh is to promote your self. We simply find it almost impossible not to. But Father will see to it that all that is Sampson in us is crucified and lashed securely to the winnowing wheel.

All that early bravado using God’s gifts to please ourselves must die until we thoroughly learn that the power and the glory belong to Him alone.

All of us stand naked before Him. There is nothing hidden. We are the ones who cannot see what is obvious.

God is in the secret place waiting to meet with you.

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