Get in line

There are many things a preacher can preach but are they the Word that Jesus wants that person preaching? Over the years since coming to Jesus in 1989 I have strived to hear from Him just what it is that is for me. I have jumped around quite a bit in my immaturity and allowed … Continue reading Get in line

The problem of big heads little hearts

In my last blog post I spoke what the Lord had been showing me -That of becoming like little children. In that post I stated : Intellectual knowledge of the Scriptures which they studied from youth was blinding them to the Messiah’s presence among them. Then today in a random – but God ordained way … Continue reading The problem of big heads little hearts

Become one with a machine or Jesus?

Humans who connect with BMIs will be gifted with enhanced cognitive performance, and increased productivity in the workplace and beyond A BMI is a brain machine interface. Modern man is determined to “advance” himself – or so he calls it but is it an advance or a step backwards? To quote the author of the … Continue reading Become one with a machine or Jesus?

When the silver chord is loosed

When the son of God hung between Heaven and Earth in those final minutes of agony he gave himself into the Father’s hands. Luke 23:46 NKJV — “And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, “Father, ‘into Your hands I commit My spirit.’ ” Having said this, He breathed His last.” He … Continue reading When the silver chord is loosed

What is your mindset?

NOTICE THE PRESENT TENSE -FOR A PRESENT GOD- IN YOUR PRESENT MOMENT–RIGHT NOW!! CLV 3:14 And, according as Moses exalts the serpent in the wilderness, thus must the Son of Mankind be exalted, 15 that everyone believing on Him ***should not be perishing***, but may ***be having life eonian***.” 16 For thus God ***loves the … Continue reading What is your mindset?

Open the East Gate

If you have ever been to Israel and done the tour to the Temple Mount you would know that the Eastern Gate to the site was bricked in by the Ottoman empire and a cemetery was placed in front of the gate. It is said that the reason they blocked the Gate was to stop … Continue reading Open the East Gate

Get through to your soul

Isaiah proclaimed in Chapter 62 10 Go through,Go through the gates!Prepare the way for the people;Build up,Build up the highway!Take out the stones,Lift up a banner for the peoples! When Jesus died for us he removed the dividing wall--the barrier between God and Man. He reconciled us to the Father so that there is no longer … Continue reading Get through to your soul

Be seen or be unseen

Our Lord Jesus taught that we should not fast to be seen by men. Also we should not be seen praying in public. Same as giving should all be done in the secret place. Yet His sayings go unheard. Religion is a fashion parade for the flesh. You have 24x7 online prayer meetings such … Continue reading Be seen or be unseen

Preach hard on it

It is not that often that I hear the Lord give me permission to do a certain thing. This morning in the early hours of Friday 4th August as I was waking Jesus told me to "Go hard on it." Go hard on what? This is what I will begin to write and perhaps speak … Continue reading Preach hard on it

Embrace her

Ok so I am a man and scripture tells me to embrace her. There is a passage of scripture in Proverbs chapter 4 which speaks about wisdom in the feminine sense in chapter 8 wisdom is spoken of as male but in chapter 4 wisdom is a woman and Solomon encourages us to embrace wisdom … Continue reading Embrace her