The Devil’s Jurisdiction

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,

Col 1:13

The Concordant translation says the jurisdiction of darkness. This makes a lot of sense.

The power of darkness is the Devil’s role as Prosecutor. That is his weapon or power. But we have been delivered out of it by the redemption paid for us by Jesus death.

He had many accusations against us through our law breaking. But Jesus blood wiped away every accusation of the Law which was against us. God HAS FORGIVEN US ALL TRESPASSES already so that this act on God’s behalf HAS DELIVERED US OUT OF the legal realm of Satan.

We are NOT in his jurisdiction anymore…but have been moved into the love of God where there is NO LAW!! Where there is no law there is NO SIN….and no accusation! No condemnation either!

We died to the law so that we might live according to God by the inner law of Jesus life.

That inner law of life is Jesus Himself leading us constantly. We are free from the condemnation and accusation of the prosecution team.

His accusations have NO SUBSTANCE against us because that old man that was condemned died on the cross.

The new man that we are in Jesus is free.

Satan seeks to get us back under his jurisdiction so he is always tempting us so he can give us the one two punch of accusation/condemnation. When we sin it is important to look squarely at it and declare that was not me that was sin that dwells in my members and receive His grace for you.

If we beat ourselves up when we fail we are aligning with the accuser and agreeing with him that we should “try harder to not sin” again. That act or thought is contrary to God because no one can NOT SIN by their will power. Sin is overcome ONLY BY FAITH IN JESUS WORK on the cross.

Confess out loud that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus because Jesus took your sin upon Himself for you. This is faith in His work not you striving to defeat what He already defeated.

When you identify with the Spirit you walk in the Spirit. When you call yourself what God calls you you ARE identifying with the TRUTH that is in Jesus. Satan wants us to call ourselves sinners so we will identify with the old man which was crucified.

If we do that we will live in condemnation and battle accusations constantly.

You are NOT IN THE FLESH but in the Spirit so speak that.

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