Finding the voice

I note the irony that Kerry Stokes’ channel 7 will screen a ‘Whispering Jack’ John Farnham bioFinding the voice….and the coming Referendum on the Voice ….at the same time the Government want to pass a Bill which will effectively criminalise the voice of the people.

This is what God says…WITH HIS VOICE!!

John 5:25Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God; and those who hear will live.  

28 Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice 29 and come forth

No amount of censorship can stop Jesus from speaking to EVERY HEART. Jesus makes it clear that the dead hearing His voice included those in that day when He walked among them. It is not just a future time for He said “and NOW IS”. Therefore “Today if you will HEAR HIS VOICE!! DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEART.” Ps 95

Heb 3:7 Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says:

“Today, if you will HEAR HIS VOICE
Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion,…

The children of Jacob saw God’s miracles of provision but refused to believe that God was for them. This was a test.
Psalm 81:7
You called in trouble, and I delivered you; I answered you in the secret place of thunder; I tested you at the waters of Meribah. Selah
God had delivered them from Egypt’s bondage and brought by a new way. But when they had no water to drink they contended with Moses(really with God) saying in Numbers 20:3
“If only we had died when our brethren died before the Lord! Why have you brought up the assembly of the Lord into this wilderness, that we and our animals should die here? And why have you made us come up out of Egypt, to bring us to this evil place? It is not a place of grain or figs or vines or pomegranates; nor is there any water to drink.”
I confess that I have said words very similar to these even this past week!! Contending and complaining coming out of a hardened heart of unbelief grieves the Lord and keeps us out of His rest…

If you will hear Jesus calling you with His voice? Not when you hear but if. Will you let the son of God speak to your heart today? Will you hear Him? He is speaking…are we acknowledging His voice to us or instead are we HARDENING OUR HEART? Jesus promised that “those who hear will live”.Jn 5:25.

We are in Christ Jesus but in our soul/mind we struggle to believe Him sometimes and certain situations test us to reveal the ugly heart of unbelief which grieves God. He tests us as silver is tested so that He may remove the fear from us and bring us into His rest.

Ps 81:8 Hear, O My people, and I will admonish you!
O Israel, if you will listen to Me!

Today if you will hear His voice do not harden your heart

9. There shall be no foreign god among you;
Nor shall you worship any foreign god.

The foreign god is the fake self..the imagined false self story of a self separate from Jesus serving God

10 I am the Lord your God,
Who brought you out of the land of Egypt;
Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.

God emphasises that He is our LIFE AND HE FILLS US FULL with Himself(Word/Jesus).

11 “But My people would not heed My voice,
And Israel would have none of Me.

Today if you will hear His voice do not harden your heart

No we harden our hearts to Him and choose this fake self story that is chasing a destiny separate from Jesus but serving God.

12 So I gave them over to their own stubborn heart,
To walk in their own counsels.

Yes..God will not force us to choose Him as our real life…so He allows us to walk in the delusion and vanity of a fake self story…”Look at me I serve Godddd!!”

13 “Oh, that My people would listen to Me,
That Israel would walk in My ways!

Today if you will hear His voice do not harden your heart

14 I would soon subdue their enemies,
And turn My hand against their adversaries.

15 The haters of the Lord would pretend submission to Him,
But their fate would endure forever.

Lord Lord did’nt we do this and do that FOR you!! Yes you did..but I never sanctioned any of it…You have your reward–a fate of torment living in this separated mindset…For me! No it was for your idol self!

16 He would have fed them also with the finest of wheat;
And with honey from the rock I would have satisfied you.”

At the wilderness of Zin when the people complained over no water to drink it was prophetic of their own hardened condition and also speaks to us today of the same.

The solution for the hard heart was given to Moshe: -SPEAK JESUS!

Nu 20:8 “Take the rod; you and your brother Aaron gather the congregation together. Speak to the rock before their eyes, and it will yield its water; thus you shall bring water for them out of the rock, and give drink to the congregation and their animals.”

How wonderful!! The water is in the rock which speaks first of all of Jesus Christ. But also the rock is the hard flint like heart of unbelief Hebrews 3:8 warns about.

God says take the Rod which speaks of His anointed word ….and take Aaron your brother..speaking of a prayer partner….and the whole congregation…speaking of a church gathering….and SPEAK TO THE ROCK in their presence.

Speak to your heart….and your heart will yield the water of life (Christ Jesus).

The Rock will split apart and out of your heart will flow JESUS Life. Speak His word in faith to your heart. Speak those things that are TRUE of your God and of you–into the face of the hardened unbelief — and up from within your JESUS Heart–where Jesus is–show flow mighty torrents of water that shall push away all that will not believe God.

The issue at the heart of it all was that when they were brought into testing circumstances their default attitude was to DOUBT GOD LOVED THEM. Which made it hard for them to believe He would provide for them all their needs.

This was the case because of the long years of living in bondage to slavery in Egypt.

God brings us out of sin -Egypt BUT then works in us to transform our mind so that Egyptian bondage is no longer our mindset within.

Today we can take up His Word and SPEAK IT TO OUR OWN HEART and the hearts of our brethren and see Life come forth.


It is also evident from the following passage that God will remove everything that can be removed BY HIS VOICE spoken out of our mouth. That means that this current age of human folly will be removed by His voice leaving only what is born out from Him.

Heb 12:25 See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven. 27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. 28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. 29 For our God is a consuming fire.

The wicked one know that the Voice of the Lord removes his kingdom. Therefore he is trying to gag God’s voice. Satan is the Prince of this world…and like him the world is a lie. And all lies shall be swept away. But we are the voice of God and we shall shout His word for all the heavens to hear. His word cannot fail…it is His VOICE.


Psalm 46 is a key word for overthrowing the fake rulers of darkness – Notice that the middle verse is the key to the whole situation. His Voice causes the enemies works to CEASE.

To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of the sons of Korah. A Song for Alamoth.

PSALM 46 God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear,
Even though the earth be removed,
And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Though its waters roar and be troubled,
Though the mountains shake with its swelling. Selah

There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God,
The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved;
God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.
The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved;
He uttered His voice, the earth melted.

The Lord of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah

Come, behold the works of the Lord,
Who has made desolations in the earth.
He makes wars cease to the end of the earth;
He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two;
He burns the chariot in the fire.

10 Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

11 The Lord of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah

And of course hearing Jesus voice is filled with special rewards…

Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.
Hear Jesus voice today…He speaks to your heart…open the door and receive the son of God.

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