The Devil’s Jurisdiction

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, Col 1:13 The Concordant translation says the jurisdiction of darkness. This makes a lot of sense. The power of darkness is the Devil's role as Prosecutor. That is his weapon or power. But we … Continue reading The Devil’s Jurisdiction

A little leaven of law will deflate you

Leaven as we all know is put into bread to make it rise. Yeast is a type of leavening agent which causes a reaction and makes the bread puff up and rise in the oven. However leaven also is symbolic of sin in the Scriptures. But when Paul wrote Galatians he mentioned leaven in the … Continue reading A little leaven of law will deflate you

Let God

When God brought Israel out of Egypt He likened it to a father carrying his son on his shoulders or an eagle carrying it's young on its wings. A young child is happy to trust daddy when he strongly lifts her up above his head and seats her down on his broad shoulders. There is … Continue reading Let God

set your mind on things above

If you want to walk in peace then we are told to set our mind on the things of the "spirit" and not on things of the "flesh". The things of the spirit are life and peace. The things above where Jesus is. Not a place called Heaven...but seeing things from a heavenly perspective. An … Continue reading set your mind on things above

Finding the voice

I note the irony that Kerry Stokes' channel 7 will screen a 'Whispering Jack' John Farnham bio "Finding the voice"....and the coming Referendum on the Voice the same time the Government want to pass a Bill which will effectively criminalise the voice of the people. This is what God says...WITH HIS VOICE!! John 5:25Most … Continue reading Finding the voice

A prophetic encouragement to the false self

A wonderful brother prophesied this recently.... There are many right now that are feeling tired and disillusioned in their calling and faith. I had a dream where I saw people laying down their torches on the ground because they became too weak to carry them any longer. But I was walking around placing these torches … Continue reading A prophetic encouragement to the false self

My 50th birthday present from God

During a long period of depression and anger in my life I asked God to uncover and show me the cause of all this pain. That was in October 2011. Up until that time I had been in the grip of a cycle of sin and repenting and sin and repenting. Romans 7 experience. It … Continue reading My 50th birthday present from God