Put on Jesus

Romans 13:14 God says put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to…lust. This is not to be understood as two different commands ..rather by putting on Jesus OVER all that you are, and through all that you are inside as well, YOU WILL NOT fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

So called ‘holiness preaching’ tells people to stop sinning…this is the worst advice. Anyone who thinks they can stop sinning has not yet come to see that of themselves they can do NOTHING.
You do not try to stop sinning–instead we are to PUT ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST….by faith –through agreeing with His word concerning us inside Him.

To separate the two commands into two distinct actions is no different than what most have been taught to do – “Believe in Jesus and try not to sin.” Yet there is no victory without Jesus own life and victory at the cross. Believing you got “saved” by grace but now it is up to you(Law) to live righteously before God is what Got Paul upset with the Galatian believers.  Everything is through and in God’s grace! You are saved by grace and you live through grace. You overcome only through grace. So  to put on the Lord Jesus is to make no provision for the flesh to fulfil it’s lusts.
By putting on the Lord Jesus by faith you are abiding inside the sphere of His grace and power, you are living in the spirit.

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