Coming out of Hell

Let me briefly say that when Jesus confronted the Pharisees in Matthew 23 he was sharing God’s love with them in order to deliver them from Hell fire. Now if you have read my writing you know I do not partake in the Hell ‘gospel'(which is no gospel). But when Jesus got among those zealous keepers of the Law He was among men that were in torment and agony!
Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees!! The pronouncement of woe, was not so much about a future judgement but their current condition….WOE, WOE WOE!!
Jesus was expressing His and Father’s grief for these men and all who pretend to be righteous in and of themselves. Alas, you are fallen, fallen and have become a cage for every unclean bird!!
Those who refuse Jesus Christ, including Christians trying to establish their own righteousness by the works of the law, are condemned in a place of torment and pain even while they are justified and saved!
Every time we imagine ourselves to be responsible to keep God’s law, we enter deeper into Gehenna, where the worms eat our insides and the fire of God’s passion for us burns.
We shall not escape Gehenna and it’s suffering here in this life until we accept by faith our total death inside the ONE DEATH of Jesus. When He died–we died. That means God’s full and complete judgement and condemnation HAS BEEN PASSED UPON US. The old man died…the one that Paul called “sin dwelling in me”(Rom 7:20)died!!
I am crucified with Christ it is no longer I that live.
Which I is that? It is the old I…the imagined separate self..the one who we told ourselves we were all our life. The story of words we told ourselves about ourselves.
The capable one if I only put my mind to it….the winner, the champ, the fearful one, the conniving one, the lustful horny one…the friendly one, the charming one, the clever one, the humourous fun guy, the amiable one, etc etc etc…Whatever you imagined yourself to be was your story of how you could please God without God.
God has news for us all to hear….That one, that old man could never ever please Him, so he was put to death in Christ Jesus on the Cross. You were ,literally and substantially there inside Jesus in all your horrible rebellion and shame when He took you upon Himself and bore you all the way to the cross….there He died with you and was put into an empty tomb.
There your sins, the old man itself was laid to rest–stone cold dead!! No use to anyone.
God then having accomplished His purpose through the death of Christ carrying all humanity upon and inside Himself, RAISED HIM UP TO NEWNESS OF LIFE INSIDE HIMSELF. Yes Father raised up Jesus inside His Spirit having fully met the demands of the Law against sin, He now raises Jesus up into Himself with all humanity as well.
All died and all shall be made alive inside Jesus. All have been justified and redeemed and reconciled and made righteous before God through that One Man and His one time sacrifice for sins Forever!!
To go on seeing yourself as a sinner is to remain under the condemnation and wrath of Go’s passion for you. To go on calling yourself unclean when God has cleansed you already is to remain in Gehenna—which thing never entered God’s mind for you to do! Your place is inside Jesus–fully blameless, fully righteous–fully holy before Father God.
That is the only place for you and all humanity to be found. That is why Jesus died for all people–so that all people shall stand before Father inside of Spirit holy as righteous blameless and undefiled sons and daughters of God by the faith of Jesus Christ.
The way out of Gehenna into the peace of God is to be found ONLY inside of Jesus Christ.
Most of my brethren remain inside Gehenna, in the torment of God’s flaming passion for them. Woe woe woe!!
And like Jesus in Matthew 23…Father sends prophets and teachers to show them the way out of Hell(I don’t call it that, but they do).
They are busy trying to serve God, trying to save sinners for and eternity in Hell fire…..when they themselves are taken captive by Satan through his twisting of the gospel to do his will. Satan’s will is that we refuse to call ourselves and see ourselves by Christ Jesus. He would have us curse ourselves and see ourselves through the falling short of the old man….the sin nature….
But do you not know, have you not heard that the sin nature was circumcised out of the picture when Christ died on the Cross? Have you not heard that your old man is dead? You are no longer that one…you are no longer ruled over by sin or the law. You are NOT IN THE FLESH!!!! BUT IN THE SPIRIT!!! If indeed Christ is in you. Romans 8:9
There is a place of rescue from Hell…it is to declare in simple acceptance of God’s word–that if I have Jesus I am just like Him…right now, just as I AM…I AM AS HE IS, IN THIS WORLD. 1 Jn 4:17
That is how to break the chains of Hell demons, and to be found inside the only place you really exist–inside Jesus Christ the Mediator Who dwells inside you and lives AS YOU, WITH YOU.
You in Him and He in you – ONE inside the Father.
You will find that there is no torment and anguish there inside the Lord Jesus….only peace.
But the enemy will come accusing you according to the outer performance or lack of it…he will accuse you so that you speak contrary to your true nature and identity. And the moment you begin to open that stream of filth, calling yourself a sinner and a this and a that…you go down bound in chains to the pit of Hell…where there is only torment and anguish awaiting you.
Arise Arise and PUT ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! Shake the dust from your shoulders and the chains from your neck–Put on tender mercies and kindness…put on love…put on Jesus and by doing so the old lying shadow man has no opportunity to take the reigns.
Putting on Jesus is a work of faith and declaration of truth which sets you free from the Hell chains that bind us.
Speak Christ your only life–for He is your only life…you do not have two lives living in you…The cross put an end to that!

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