Those who are perishing

When I looked into his eyes I saw the horror and despair of a life full of pain. He sat there in his grubby clothes, stained from urine and snot from a runny nose. His eyes were yellowed where they should have been white and they were weeping but not with tears. He had run … Continue reading Those who are perishing

Does God know good and evil?

It is commonly believed by almost everyone that God knows good and evil. This is simply not true. The problem is that "to know" or Hebrew "YADA" means "to be ONE WITH" as in sexual intercourse for instance. Therefore if God knows(yada)evil that means He is EVIL!! This lie is at the very root of … Continue reading Does God know good and evil?

His son did go up

My dad in law Norman Henley had two mini strokes today while still in hospital recovering from a fall which broke his patella(kneecap) a few weeks ago. He was admitted to hospital because of the knee injury...but then fell out of bed in the night being disoriented and banged his head on the floor. As … Continue reading His son did go up