The big thing is that God loves us first

1John4:10 In this is love, not that we love God, but that He loves us, and dispatches His son, a propitiatory shelter concerned with our sins.”

💗 Grace upon Grace! A lot of stress is put on the believer as to whether their lives show God’s love or not. It causes a works or performance mentality….

Ignore the preachers who do that.. “God loves us” –He is the one who loves …He is love…

preachers should show sheep this love for them, and how to receive and rest in it if they want the fruits of love to manifest.

But sadly many in ministry know NOTHING of His love for them.

If we truly know that God loves us there will be fruit.

If we say we love God without knowing and daily receiving His love first…then nothing will be the result

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