Has the Holy Spirit fallen upon you yet

There are millions of believers today who are exactly like the Samaritan believers in Acts 8 who it is written that they had not yet received the Holy Spirit, for He had NOT YET FALLEN UPON THEM. This is not as it should be. If it is as it should be then Peter and John would not have bothered travelling from Jerusalem to Samaria to pray and lay hands upon them in order for them to receive the Holy Spirit. It is ESSENTIAL that you have had the Spirit of Jesus FALL UPON you in power, with violence. You would know for sure if you have because there is immediate evidence.

In the days in which we live and the days that are coming…days of tribulation and persecution…you will absolutely NEED TO HAVE THE SPIRIT FALL UPON YOU. I don’t write this to be offensive–I write it because I really believe it is true. If you are one that has been opposed to the second experience of the baptism of the Spirit, then you have been deceived by the enemy, it is as simple as that. That is no big deal because you still have today in which to receive His embrace.

There is no way you will get through what is coming without His embrace. I make no apologies for saying that.

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