Hey Christian you are NOT missing the mark

Hey Christian! You are not missing the mark

Yes it is a controversial heading I have used it to get your attention. Is it true? Missing the mark as I wrote yesterday is what the Greek word/s harmatia(G266) from harmatano(G264) mean. Both have been translated as “sin” and “sins”. But both should really be mostly translated as “missing the mark” or “falling short”.

Using the word sin and sins connotes guilt. Guilt points to ourselves as an accuser does and says, ‘You need to try harder to be righteous’. Guilt separates us from our Father, at least on our side. Father remains in union with us as believers, but our guilt consciousness or sin consciousness puts up a barrier between us and God.

But hey, guess what? Jesus has taken all your sins and removed them FOREVER!! His one time offering for sin and sins HAS BEEN made for all people. All are forgiven. All are made righteous. All are justified by that ONE offering of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

You Christian friend…..yes you! Are not missing the mark. I am speaking to you from your Father’s perspective.

While you think that you are missing the mark–then from your perspective, you are falling short. So what does that GUILT produce in you?

A STRIVING to be better , to not sin, to hit the mark next time.

Isn’t that a good thing?

It may be “good” as far as man is concerned. Men will praise you..”You have turned over a new leaf” they will say. “You are reforming yourself. Well done, good for you.”

And so it is commonly thought that a Christian is someone who is motivated by guilt to be good.

But even Jesus said “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but God.” Luke 18:19

So no…Striving to be better, striving to not break God’s laws is NOT A GOOD THING!! It is actually doing the opposite of what the Gospel is all about. It is a rejection of Jesus’ sacrifice made for you. It is a refusal to submit to God’s righteousness and a guilt driven effort to establish your OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS based upon your works. It is a life of misery and pretending, of arrogant pride. It is to be like Satan and not like Jesus.

This is what the Pharisees were stuck in. They were the best at this fakery of law keeping. And Jesus told them that unless they believed in Him they would die in their sins. They would continue to MISS THE MARK.

So the one who is busy trying hard to be a good person by their works is someone who is cultivating DEATH in their lives. They are perishing….they are in HADES, The soul condition of death. They are in torments as the flames of demonically fueled guilt accuses them day and night.

“Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” John 8:10b

Accusers condemn. Jesus our Saviour justifies sinners. Jesus justified her based upon His sacrifice for all of our falling short which He knew He would accomplish.

Behold the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. Jn 1:29b

The Christian is not condemned. The Christian is not falling short. The Christian is justified and made holy and righteous and pure and innocent before God BY and through the faith of JESUS CHRIST.

Not one time, but always!!

As Fred Pruitt wrote recently–“Your position is your condition”! Believe it is so….

For in believing you begin to experience the life of NO CONDEMNATION.

If you think you are missing the mark, which is based upon self accusation….then you are trying to establish your own righteousness.

Come down to God’s righteousness my friend. Receive what Jesus did for you.

You are made the righteousness of God inside Christ Jesus. He is a Gift from Father to you.


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