God’s care for you

Nearly a month ago I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to write a note for a Chinese national who manages an Avacado packing shed in our area. It was Sunday 29th December, I had to go to a certain Avocado farm to pick up the remaining empty fruit bins from them as they had … Continue reading God’s care for you

It’s not about right and wrong

Are you being caught up in all the polarising topics that the world media is pumping out incessantly? The Christian church is being set up and baited just as the Pharisees constantly tried to set Jesus up. Mat 12:10  and behold, a man having a withered hand. And they asked him, saying, Is it lawful … Continue reading It’s not about right and wrong

The just shall live by His faith

The days go by, the months and the years pass by quickly until we are aged and beginning to feel that way. Children grow up and leave and have their own children and…. We wonder where the dream God had planted in our hearts has gone. We wonder if we heard correctly. We battle doubts … Continue reading The just shall live by His faith

God has nothing against you

Why did Jesus go to the Cross? I came to my Father this morning in prayer and what did He say? Son I have naught against you. It is you that is against yourself Not Me, but you! If we do not have a revelation of the totality of the Cross of Christ, then we … Continue reading God has nothing against you