Dare to Believe

Back in 2007 I found myself in the bottom of a pit of despair and disappointment. The enemy was pounding me with condemnation over decisions I had made which left us poorer financially. I had been under much spiritual attack and had been led to leave the fellowship we had been involved with. I was stuck in a seemingly endless Romans 7 experience as well, doing the things I did not want to do, and unable to do the things I wanted to do.

At that point of the journey I happened upon the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince from Singapore.

After listening and watching 10 minute snips of his sermons on Righteousness my heart and mind were deeply touched. What we heard through that dear brother was life changing living water! And in the immediate glory of that moment I heard the Lord in my heart saying to me—DARE TO BELIEVE.

You see it is very easy to believe what the eyes and ears say about your self. When you fail…again…you believe that you are a filthy sinner. Conversely when you succeed, you believe you are a spiritual person. But that kind of belief is not God faith at all rather it is works and self effort.

God says to us to DARE TO BELIEVE that we ARE this very moment —in the midst of any failure–PERFECT IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

In the time of defeat–you are RIGHTEOUS and HOLY in His sight. >>> Dare to believe that! Speak it out loud!


Daring to believe AGAINST ALL OUTWARD APPEARANCES which speak the opposite is a step of faith, an act of the will.

We are able to decide to believe and to decide to speak in line with God’s true declarations of us–His children.

The Accusations are very loud against us when we are fail….but only a whisper of the truth–“I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus” can turn the enemy away at the gate(our mind) and lift us up where we already dwell.

Berating yourself, calling yourself by names that the accuser sticks on you, will not produce the righteousness of God. But aligning your mouth and heart with His true words concerning you–IN THE MIDST OF FAILURE—will leave you deeply entrenched inside Jesus.

We enter into Him by Faith…and we stay and remain and abide by His faith. All we are to do is to DARE to believe what He says of us is true–and to speak that.


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