The Old Covenant is God giving man over to Satan

In a recent blog post I wrote a few statements that may seem crazy to most Christians. Let me explain some things about me. When I write I do not pre-think what I am going to write. The words come and I type. Very rarely do I delete what I typed because over the years I have seen my words confirmed after I write them as being what Father wanted me to say at that time. You are ALWAYS free to take it or leave it. But for me, these words are from the Spirit within me and I go back over what I have written in conjunction with Him and I learn more about the things He is saying to me and through me.

I wrote previously

“The Old covenant is God giving humans over to the Devil to accuse them incessantly and to push and goad them along the way. The Old Covenant gives Satan opportunity to punish and accuse at will twenty four hours a day forever!”

Those two statements are heavy hitters! Powerful punches in the gut of the religious spirit ruling over the minds of my brethren. Of course I include myself in all this. All of us Christians are infected with this religious mind –which is the mind of Lucifer himself. I want to look into the statements I made above and open it up a bit by the grace of God.

“The Old covenant is God giving humans over to the Devil to accuse them incessantly and to push and goad them along the way”

The aim of the Father is and has always been to have MANY SONS(daughters are included in the son)JUST LIKE JESUS. But how is Father going to do that?

Religion answers that question by saying that we have to try to be like Jesus in all that we do and say. It is our responsibility to try to please God. We know we are not like Jesus of course…we know we are filthy rotten sinners who always fall short, but we must try anyway or else the wrath of God will burn us in Hell forever and ever.

God’s answer to the question “How will God have many sons just like Jesus?” is a bit different.

I will put my Son Jesus inside their heart, two persons together sharing the same form so that  all that my Son Jesus is becomes them and theirs…and all that they are, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and desires become His. It will be that whoever sees them sees my Son Jesus for the two have become One inside of me, inside of them, inside of Jesus!

Religion’s answer places man outside and separated from Jesus–trying with all their might to be like the Jesus they imagine.

God’s answer places Jesus inside the believer in complete union with Jesus, resting and abiding in all that He and now they are and is!

The Problem

Man has this problem. We think that we have what it takes inside of us to successfully keep God’s commandments. What does God do about this?

Well, to be sure, in the first place this problem is nothing other than idolatry. Instead of knowing God inside our hearts as our all in all, the One who does all things with us, through us and AS us….we prefer to place God high above us in a Heaven up there…..and ourselves -lowly rotten sinners down here separated from God BUT expected to try to be like God…..knowing we cannot, but pretending that we have done a good job at it anyway.

Idolatry always causes a love hate relationship between the addicted idolater and the idol. In this case Christians love God, and hate God. This God that they have imagined up there, outside themselves who commands them to surrender their puny lives to His service. …this God they hate and are terrified of. Yet the God inside their human heart who is always encouraging them, always loving on them…they love!

The answer is to get rid of the faraway God!! Get rid of that false god, that idol that we have set up as God. Tear it down! Throw it away!!

God is inside of us AND NOWHERE ELSE!! The only God one can know is the God Who lives inside our heart. You cannot know a god faraway. You cannot know a god on some throne in some city somewhere up yonder. But you can know Jesus living in your heart…and in knowing Him you come to know and love and appreciate yourself!! And in knowing your true self–JESUS AND YOU AS ONE….you love all people as you love yourself.

God’s answer to the problem

So how does God get rid of that false god in our minds…the one masquerading as the real God? Read what Paul said God does…..

Notice Paul’s words in the red print three times says that God gave them over….because of what is said in the black print

18-23 Indeed, the anger of God is unveiled {speaking directly of the cross} from heaven upon all disrespect and injustice of men suppressing the truth inside of injustice. Because the knowing of God is made visible among them, God indeed has made it visible to them. Indeed, His invisible qualities of unending power and divine Personhood are clearly perceived from the creation of the cosmos, being understood by the things made, so that they are without excuse. For having known God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful, but they became pointless in their thinking {a false story of self}, and their non-comprehending heart was darkened, asserting themselves to be wise, they became foolish. And they exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God {which they were – the likeness of God} for the likeness and image of dying man, and birds, and quadrupeds, and creeping things {the serpent as the image of God.}

24-27 Therefore, God gave them over into impurity in the desires of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies in themselves. Who exchanged the truth of God with falsehood and reverenced and served the created instead of the Creator, who is blessed [spoken well of] into the ages. Let it be so. Because of this, God gave them over into passions of disgrace for their women, exchanging the natural sexual use into that alongside nature. In the same way also the men, having left the natural sexual use of the women, were inflamed in their lusts into one another – males in males – producing indecency and receiving inside themselves the consequence which fitted their delusion.

28-32 And, just as they did not approve having God in their knowledge, so God gave them over into an unapproved mind, to do things not proper; being filled with all injustice, wickedness, malice; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness, slanderers, defamers, God-haters, hubristic, arrogant, boastful; inventers of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, untrustworthy, heartless, unmerciful, who, having known the righteous judgment of God, that those practicing such things are worthy of death, not only are practicing them, but are also approving of others who are practicing them. Jesus Secret Version(JSV)

There it is in black and red folks. God GIVES US OVER to the passions and enslavement of the demonic spirit world to do all kinds of fleshly lustful things..all listed above. He gives us over so that we will come to know CONDEMNATION, GUILT SHAME AND to hopefully cry out to Him for deliverance. But it is not that God is doing evil in giving us over….NO WAY!! Rather if we do not believe and worship God who lives inside us through Jesus Christ…..then we are AUTOMATICALLY GIVEN OVER….the absence of faith causes a VOID which the Serpent is allowed to FILL.

When Israel promised and vowed to keep God’s commandments they were expressing this IDOLATRY perfectly.

Josh 24:24 And the people said to Joshua, “The Lord our God we will serve, and His voice we will obey!

The people imagined that they had what it takes to serve and obey the Lord. They brought themselves into condemnation and defeat by their oath for they cannot serve and obey the Lord…JUST AS WE CANNOT. Not only that , but EVEN JESUS admitted that HE CANNOT SERVE AND OBEY THE LORD!!!

Jesus Himself said “I of mine own self can do NOTHING” –-Jesus knew and loved and lived ONLY inside of the Father. It was Father doing all the doing WITH Jesus.

This delusion and idolatry of what is called SEPARATE SELF must be given over to the LAW so that it dies. It cannot keep the Law. It is judged by the Law as being worthy of death. This delusion that suppresses the truth in unrighteousness must be(and was)crucified with Christ.

The whole IDEA and IMAGINATION that thinks “I of mine own self can obey God” must die and vanish away!

In fact God has already dealt with that mindset in all of us at the Cross. At the Cross that old mind DIED and the SERPENT’S hold upon us ceased. But we still think like him and therefore we are still given over to the LAW.…so that under the LAW which we have chosen to try to obey….we(that old mindset) DIE by finding out that we cannot keep it at all.

Thus the old Covenant which demands that I keep God’s laws is God giving all mankind OVER to Satan who is the prosecutor of God’s law. If we think we must and can keep God’s laws….then we shall know all those things that Paul wrote about in Romans 1 above. Yes Christian!…I am talking to you!!

men with men…..women having sex with women…injustice, wickedness, malice; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness, slanderers, defamers, God-haters, hubristic, arrogant, boastful; inventers of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, untrustworthy, heartless, unmerciful,

It is some list isn’t it? This is the result of NOT BELIEVING AND RECEIVING JESUS AS OUR ONLY ABILITY AND STRENGTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.  If we do not believe and receive Jesus as our ONLY LIFE and NATURE then we are given over to the old covenant system which WE HAVE CHOSEN OURSELVES THROUGH the  DELUSION that we can do it for God.

The Devil laughs at the one who promises to keep God’s law. He laughs at the one who is striving to be good, striving to not be bad. He laughs and mocks and condemns and accuses us—all RIGHTLY SO!! For until we realise and accept Christ Jesus as our only righteousness and cease trying to establish our own righteousness Satan can continue to do what he does best. RULE OUR FLESH!

The answer is always to BELIEVE

Believe that you died on the cross

Believe that your old man was crucified with Jesus

Believe that you can never please God in and of yourself

Believe that you are now risen with Christ seated with Him in the heavenly realms

Believe that your heart is NOW pure and holy and blameless before Him in love

Believe that Jesus is inside the Father and you are inside Jesus and Jesus is inside your heart!

Believe that right now you are as Jesus is

Believe that you are fully complete inside of Jesus

Believe that the only place you EXIST right now is inside of Jesus Christ

Believe that God has brought you inside of His son permanently

Believe that God has placed His Son inside of you-permanently

Believe that God says of you–This is my precious S/son inside of whom I am well pleased

Because we believe we also SPEAK those things and in speaking those bold things about ourselves inside of Jesus we affirm our identity and place inside Father God.

We are a Royal priesthood an Holy nation a peculiar people, His own special treasure–we are sons of God -Just like Jesus!!

Of course believing the truth sets us free….and also infuriates the religious spirit controlling most people. Just be yourself is interpreted by the church as licence to sin. But in being your true self–the one who is inside Jesus, with Jesus inside them, is to be the O/one who is pleasing to God. Whether you peel potatoes, wash clothes, run marathons, work in admin, are mentally challenged, paralysed, whatever your current condition -YOU ARE ONE WITH JESUS CHRIST and He is your NATURE and identity inside of the Father. Continue to rest in Him alone and do not be pushed around by religious thinking. You are complete in Him.

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