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Have you seen the year 2000 movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger? I found the original Script online and was a little intrigued that the opening scene where Gibson is seen weighing a rocking chair is not the same as the writer’s script. That is not that unusual for a director to change the writer’s script. I believe Director Roland Emmerich or someone else inserted the dialogue in the scene to broadcast the date of the Twin Towers event before it happened and to signal those in the know that the movie is about their agenda.

The Script was written by Robert Rodat in 1998 and the movie was released in 2000…both before September 11th 2001.

The budget was $110 million

The Opening date was 27th June 2000 – (27+6=33)

The October 9th, 1998 written draft by Robert Rodat says this about the opening scene ….

Marion takes the piece of wood out of the lathe, carefully
fits it into the chair, inserts a peg and taps it into
place. Then he steps back and appraises his handiwork.
He picks up the chair and hooks the top rail to a scale,
countering with a three-pound weight. The chair floats. Source

So the writer thinks that the rocking chair seen being weighed is equal to 3lbs…..okay remember that.

In the final Script dated 26th March 1999 which Rodat submitted the opening scene is…

Martin calmly takes the piece of wood out of the lathe,
carefully fits it into the chair, inserts a peg and taps
it into place. Then he steps back and appraises his
handiwork. He picks up the chair and hooks the top rail
to a scale, countering with a three-pound weight. The
chair floats. Martin blows softly on the weight which
sinks. Susan nods, so far, so good. Nathan and Samuel
burst into the room.
NATHAN: Father! A post rider!
Martin nods, keeping his attention on the chair.

So both the draft and the final script tell us the rocking chair weighs 3 pounds. In neither script does Mel Gibson’s character say anything about the weight. Obviously Rodat envisioned that the camera would zoom in on a 3lb weight as Martin picked it up perhaps….No need to say, “Oh it weighs 3 pounds!!”

Yet in the Movie -The Patriot,  released on a numerical 33(27th june 2000) – Masonry’s highest degree and multiple of 11 which these people believe has inherent power in it, the Director or someone else higher than Emmerich deliberately wanted to convey a message in this movie.

Listen closely to Mel Gibson’s character as he weighs the chair in his shed…..notice that the viewer never sees Gibson say the words, we only hear a voice. That could mean that the audio was added in at the last minute…who knows…someone does know, but not the masses of people.

Listen closely…I have repeated the scene a few times.

Why else would this sentence be in this movie other than as prior knowledge and a shout out to those in the know???

Don’t be naive and suppose that “9 pound 11 ounces” is not a way of conveying the date 9/11….that is exactly what is done in this scene.

Why is 9/11 perfect?

The movie is called The Patriot. 9/11 is a perfect reason to pass the unconstitutional and dictatorial Patriot Act which was passed soon after 9/11.

Image result for When was the Patriot act passed in congress?
“The first version of the Patriot Act was introduced into the House on October 2, 2001 as the Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (PATRIOT) Act of 2001, and was later passed by the House as the Uniting and Strengthening America (USA) Act (H.R. 2975) on October 12.
History of the Patriot Act – Wikipedia



If you are not aware….The Patriot Act was pushed through the US Congress without the usual perusal by hardly anyone.

just 45 days after the worst terrorist attack in history, Congress passed the Patriot Act, a 342-page bill amending more than a dozen federal statutes, with virtually no debate.” Similarly to how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was pushed through Congress, the Patriot Act was rushed through quickly and signed by President Bush. source

The Patriot Act was introduced 22 days after September 11.

Then the USA Act – which was the Patriot Act renamed..was passed on the 11 day after the First Act was passed. These things are not accidental!! These people worship numbers…they worship the creation. And they believe that by doing things on certain numerical dates that they will gain power from Lucifer.

Australia, where I live, also passed our own Anti Terror Act…our Patriot act came quickly after the Bali Bombing. The numerical signature for that event as reported in the media is again, not an accident but carefully scripted.

Bali Bombing- “The 2002 Bali bombings occurred on 12 October 2002 in the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. The attack killed 202 people (including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, 23 Brits, and people of more than 20 other nationalities). A further 209 people were injured.” wikipedia

2002 = 22

12th Oct or  12+10 = 22

202 killed = 22

88 Aussies killed = 4 x 22

38 Indonesians = 3+8=11

209 injured = 11

These numbers are not coincidental! The 9/11 Twin Towers demolition was perfect just perfect to introduce dictatorial powers in the USA. But the same laws were also introduced around the world as more bombings and killings took place after 9/11. Two PhD Lawyers from Melbourne Universtiy in their paper “THE NEW TERRORISTS: THE NORMALISATION AND SPREAD OF ANTI-TERROR LAWS IN AUSTRALIA” wrote

This sizable statute also created preventative detention orders (‘PDOs’) and updated sedition offences. Attention was drawn to the London attacks, as well as to earlier bombings in Spain, Bali and the United States, throughout the course of its enactment. These acts of terror, it was argued, highlighted the grave threat that faced Australians both at home and overseas and the pressing need to prevent future crimes of this nature. Source

Clearly these terror events occurred very conveniently for the sole purpose of enacting these Draconian laws which will be used against citizens once the son of perdition arises.

The Melbourne Uni lawyers note that it was the London Bombing in 2005, the Madrid Bombing in 2004, the Bali Bombing in 2002 and 911 in 2001 that caused the enactment of these laws.

But a close look at the numerical signature of those events reveals the same DEEP STATE signature…or signing card.

I have already show the Bali Bombing numbers..22,22,22,22,11 and 11.

Sept(9)/ 11, 2001 on that day there were at least 18 occurences of the number 11!!

Madrid train bombing – 3/11/ 2004 – (33)   – 911 days after Twin Towers event. 13 bomb bags. 193 killed(13)—CBS reported 191 killed(9/11 or simply another 11)

London Bombing in 2005 – 07/07/2005 or known as 7/7 which is seen as another 11 

As a result of the London bombings the BBC wrote on the same day–

The arguments over identity cards and detention without trial will take on a new urgency as ministers consider any new measures to take in the wake of the attacks.

So yes…9…11 is perfect just perfect for Dictators and thugs in High places.

Author: Dennis Rhodes

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