Cover story before things get Gory

Eighteen years ago before September 11 occurred, the Pentagon and the whole military industrial complex including Hollywood producers were in overdrive to create in the minds of the citizens  an enemy with worldwide influence. When you realise that the stated goal of elements within the USA was to take down 7 nations —all enemies of Zionism, then it is easy to see why they needed to paint an enemy out of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.

When you realise that the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers was an inside job which was planned for years before the fateful day all so that the above objectives could have some kick-starter reason and justification with NO EVIDENCE at all of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq being found. 100,000 Iraqi civilians were killed by the “good” guys and today the dust in that country is heavily poisoned with radiation from the depleted uranium munitions which America illegally uses(still).

Now in the lead up to the 18th(666) anniversary of the demolishing of the Twin Towers the Controlled assets seem to be setting us up for another event and will blame it upon the Taliban or some other linked bogeyman they have created.

The small side story they have been running since the weekend is that Pres. Donald Trump canned peace meetings with the Taliban because they set off a bomb which killed 1 soldier and injured 11 others. The controlled and complicit media owned by Rupert Murdoch are reporting with scary headlines just as people are being reminded of the terror of 18 years ago.

“More Americans will die, Taliban warns

The Taliban has warned that Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of Afghan peace

talks will lead to further losses of American lives and assets.” Headline source

Mel Gibson got it right when his character which he portrayed in The Patriot movie said “9 pound 11 ounces…that’s perfect perfect.”



Author: Dennis Rhodes

3 thoughts on “Cover story before things get Gory

  1. Hi Dennis,
    enjoying navigating your website, just to let you know, on your photos section, where a rather lovely poster is of my Poem ‘Solitude,’ (thanks looks great). There is a typo error of ‘I ‘ written twice at the beginning and on the text above typo of Upton instead of Upson.
    Cheers 😊🍋

    1. it’s a bit of a jungle, my site…some wild topics in there,,some that might seem crazy. Glad you’re enjoying it Liz! The sower sows the word…that’s all I do..
      Your writing is beautiful, that’s why I posted the linkable picture Liz Upson 🙂

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