The voice of the Dragon

Today the Australian Catholic Bishops released a flood of words from their collective mouths to stifle free speech in the name of so called “human solidarity.” If anyone studied the behaviour of cults they would know that the theme of UNITY is one of the scare tactics to keep people from questioning anything and rebelling against the group.

Remember that historically the Roman Catholic institution has been riding the Beast in joint control over the people. The Whore of Babylon, the mother of harlots, ie the RCC seeks to be the main voice of Christianity and thus the main controller. Any group, be it Government or religious that seeks control over others must maintain that control somehow. Thus these institutions must for their very survival control what people understand and read.

For centuries the Vatican forbade anyone but their own puppet priesthood to understand the Scriptures. When the Bible was translated by Tyndale into the language of the people the Dragon was enraged and went to seek out and to destroy him and any copies of the understandable Scriptures. But the earth helped the woman(the church of true believers)and the printing press ensured that many copies of the Word of God came to be in the hands of the masses.

Game Over!! Once the control over the understanding of the masses was broken, the RCC lost a lot of it’s control over the people.

Today the Australian Bishops have showed that same old Dragon spirit coming through —the same old Dragon that has sat upon the throne in the Vatican for century after dark century.

The Bishops have released a statement in line with what the PM Morrison, a Pentecostal believer who also speaks for the Dragon in seeking control over people. Note the key phrases and words of pure cultish propaganda in their statement.

“Our right to truthful information and trustworthy broadcasting requires greater regulation of digital platforms, with sanctions for the spread of fake, divisive and offensive content,” the ACBC said.

“Governments have a responsibility to support robust and independent journalism, particularly through the public broadcaster.”

The bishops said far too often, the digital world has become a place of hatred.

“Pushing users to more extreme positions and promoting fake news and conspiracy theories sells. But this is at odds with human solidarity.” Source

As I have written before, they must control the narrative to keep control over your mind.

Calling the truth fake news…

Saying that the public broadcaster(ABC) is the true source of news.

Calling the truth Conspiracy theories

Calling the truth and extreme position as if that is bad

Mentioning independant journalism while bagging so called fake news ensures that all news is vetted by the thought police before being called true news.

Mentioning that all this is essential for a thing they call human solidarity. No, what they really mean is their control over all human thinking.

They mention “divisive content”. Being divisive is to be a heretic, for that is what heretic means. The Catholic church has long feared heretics and has a habit of burning them at the stake or silencing them somehow.

Make no mistake– the RCC is still the same old Serpent spewing a flood of “CONTROL OVER” anyone foolish enough to submit to their covering. And they do it in conjunction with human Government. Scott Morrison if he is to be true to Jesus Christ would not be joining hands with the Dragon in trying to CONTROL what people think and understand.

Trust the BBC…Trust the ABC!! Human solidarity depends on it. Blah Humbug. You are all prisoners of war and your captors control your minds.


Author: Dennis Rhodes

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