Hurricane Dorian right on que

“On Florida’s east coast, where Dorian’s winds are expected to begin hitting on Monday morning,…” Source

Destructive winds are expected to hit Florida on 9/2/2019(American dating)–that is a numerical way of saying 11 as it is  2+9 = 11

Have a look at my list of events by the numbers to see that this storm is another man-made, man controlled monster. The deep state always do things by their favourite occult numerology.

Watch the news to see the death toll hit factors of 11, like 11 dead, or 22 dead, 33, 44, etc etc….also 13 and 26 and 39 are their favourites too as seen this in this years events. Whether or not there actually are 22 dead, or 33 or 44, does not matter to them, they will still use the numbers and lie about the actual figure if need be.

Hurr. Irma in 2017 displayed the usual numerical signatures of the Elite controllers

In 2017 Hurricane Irma formed on August 30th and was downgraded to a low on Sept 12th…a 13(occult number for rebellion against God’s authority)day lifespan….Total deaths = 92(9+2=11). On the 9th Sept or 9/9 (an 11 signature/9×11) Irma hit Cuba and caused $13 billion damage.

The usual way the mass media convey these numbers is through death toll and injury figures. The Abc reported on the 15th September 2017

US President Donald Trump visits Hurricane Irma-ravaged Florida where he thanks authorities and first responders

for limiting the death toll — which stands at 38 — given “the incredible power of that storm”.

38 is their way of saying “We are doing this!…see the 11(3+8)? They also use dollar figures to convey their numbers, such as the heading below from the same ABC article….

“Repair bill from Irma tipped to top $31b” —31 is 13 backwards, they like doing that. Then they said 3.1 million homes were affected….how handy! 3.1 is again, 13!

If you think I am being far-fetched what about the numbers surrounding many false flag events the Government agencies have staged over the years? See the Bali Bombing for instance.

It happened at 11pm on  12th October 2002—12/10 or 22….in the year 2002–or 22. There were 202 killed–another numerical signature of 22….209 injured–that’s an 11!

38(an 11) Indonesian deaths and 88(8×11) Australian deaths. This is not coincidence, this is planning!! The finger points at those whose philosophy is rooted in Kabbalah.

Large areas of the Florida pan-handle is earmarked for total Re-wilding as seen in the map below….that is why continued storms hit the areas marked as red on the Re Wilding map. Click on map to read Dr Michael Coffman’s article on Agenda 21. Understand that this map depicts an America with a highly REDUCED POPULATION….that is why the Government stages so many mass shootings, so as to take your guns away for when they attempt to wipe you all out!!

Author: Dennis Rhodes

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