Which side of the cross are you on?

I was listening to a Scripture song today from the words of Peter. The words  disturbed my spirit greatly hence this posting. The song is a supposed Scripture song, thus it is pure Bible, yet the translators have twisted and perverted  the Gospel given us by the Lord Jesus through Paul the Apostle.

Here is the verse they used….1Peter 2:24

24 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” NIV

Religious flesh is always looking for things it imagines it must do in order to get God to do something for it. But beloved, God HAS ALREADY DONE everything needed for us through the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The NIV translators tell us that Jesus bore our sins in his body on the cross SO THAT WE MIGHT DIE TO SINS AND LIVE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS

Please let me bring the Good News to your heart today!!


The whole point of Jesus bearing your sins in His own body was to take not only the sins, BUT ALSO YOU THE SINNER all the way into DEATH. So that you died, were crucified, have been buried with Christ, were buried in baptism with Him. You ARE free from the old man of sin…he/it died with Jesus on the Cross!!

You NOW ARE a slave of RIGHTEOUSNESS my friend. You live for Righteousness! You do not have anything to do with sin. You are raised up together with Jesus…not just together..but INSIDE OF JESUS….IN UNION WITH JESUS….JOINED TOGETHER AS ONE WITH JESUS!!!

You now live unto God in perfect HOLINESS AND are blameless in His sight!!

The New King Jmes team got it much better….Listen/read…

1Pe 2:24  who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed. NKJV

They translate it as we having died to sins, might live to righteousness. PAST TENSE!!

You see there is ONLY ONE DEATH…The DEATH of Christ Jesus is the  ONE DEATH OF ALL MANKIND….men, women, children or whatever you describe yourself as today…YOU DIED inside the ONE death of Christ…..and then, Through faith in Jesus Christ, you now live …but it is no longer you that lives…but Christ Who lives as you.

Religious flesh is always standing on the unsaved side of the cross trying to do something to be righteous. But those who have ceased from their own works have entered in through the Cross and now REST inside of, abide inside of Jesus Christ–their only righteousness and their only Life and only NATURE!!

Oh yes I know that the preacher tells you that you need to die to sins….you need to die to yourself…DIE!!!DIE!!! But they have not accepted the ONE DEATH OF JESUS FOR THEMSELVES…they are the blind leading the blind!! Both fall into a ditch!

You have already died to sins and to the world and to the law and to the flesh…everything!!! You died in Christ and ARE CRUCIFIED with Him.

Now you are RAISED UP in Christ…inside of Jesus Himself, with Jesus Himself inside of you…and guess what my friend? Just as Jesus is, so ARE YOU RIGHT NOW!!! HALLELUJAH!


Switch sides…Stop rejecting the finished work of the Cross and come right through. Dare to declare you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Dare to believe that you as you are, inside of Jesus ARE RIGHT NOW LIVING FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Unbelief in the finished work of Jesus looks religious and proper….like you are a good Christian….but it is a big slap in the face to the Father who sent Jesus into your heart to be all in all inside of you.


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