Kept for Salvation

We can tend to get a bit anxious when our eyes and minds tell us that there is nothing happening.The Lord is amazing how He teaches us isn’t He? I was mulling over the questions “Why are we here? What is the Lord doing with us?” and what He revealed put my heart and mind at rest.

You and I have been placed inside of Jesus Christ through His resurrection out from the dead….and not only that, but Jesus has been placed inside of us bringing with Him His resurrection Life!! A Life that is undefiled and incorruptible and that does not fade away!! A Life that is immortal and unending!! God Life!!

This time in the body is that we would learn by the Spirit’s teaching to appropriate all that Jesus is inside of us and call all that we are outwardly by Him who is inward in us.

In so doing we are putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, this mortal putting on ourselves immortality and this corruptible is putting on ourselves incorruption.

We are accessing by His faith the body He has prepared us for. We are putting on by faith the body He rose to give us. We are kept inside of Jesus by faith…so that we would walk by faith into the next phase of our transformation. We speak our transformation and in so doing receive by faith our inheritance which is laid up for us in the heavens.

Jonathan Mitchell’s New Testament translation is an amazing resource. In the short video above I read from his amplified rendering of 1 Peter 1:3-5. I also read from Daniel Yordy’s amplified “Jesus Secret Version” which is still in draft form.

The Spirit reveals to us through these passages that there is a salvation to be entered into by faith which God has prepared us for. God has prepared us for this very thing folks!! Salvation is for all creation!!

All creation shall be delivered and set free from the bondage of corruption.

That corruption is a bondage. We know that that those who are seeking to be justified through Law are in bondage. They are in bondage to sin and death for all the Law can do is keep you in death.

But Grace found in Jesus Christ is REST from all our labours. Grace equals Life from the dead, equals Jesus in our hearts and flowing out our mouths in great rivers of LIVING WATER.

All creation is groaning waiting earnestly for something.

All created beings are waiting for the sons of God to be revealed!!

Your life is hidden with Christ inside God…and when Christ who is your life shall be revealed then you also shall be revealed with Him. (Col 3)

The sons of God are sons by faith in Jesus alone. For Paul told us that you are ALL sons of God by faith in Jesus. (Gal 4) The REVEALING of the sons of God is when these same sons–you and me–PUT ON the Lord Jesus Christ. When this mortal puts on by faith declaration immortality…and this corruptible puts on by simple faith declaration incorruptibility –then …then!!!!

All creation shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the liberty of the sons of God!

Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made you free–and do not be entangled again with the YOKE OF BONDAGE—keeping the Law of Moses. If you do that, you shall die/perish and remain in bondage even though you have a born again spirit.

Instead put on the mind of Jesus Christ and declare with all boldness that you have received an immortal body…and you have received an incorruptible soul. You are found only inside Jesus–the risen Lord….and He is found inside you a weak human body.


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